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"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" (Exodus 16).  "So Then, Putting Away Falsehood, Let All of Us Speak the Truth to our Neighbors, for We Are All Members of One Another." (Ephesians 4:25), "They Try to Deceive Allah and Those Who Believe, But They Only Deceive Themselves, and Realize it Not." (Qur'aan 2:9)

"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning" – Albert Einstein

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Why Donate to the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth?

Let’s face it, not everybody is cut out for full-time 9/11 truth activism. It’s hard, exhausting, exhilarating work. But if we want to save the US Constitution and the planet, somebody has to do it. Those who can’t contribute their time and energy can choose to contribute money instead, thereby helping committed activists complete their all-important task.

Please give generously. The planet you save may be your own.



A Letter from MUJCA Coordinator Dr Kevin Barrett

Dear Friends of MUJCA

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth has a vision for our future. We want a sustainable world of peace and justice through truth—not a future of war, fascism, and environmental devastation. Amazingly, we are succeeding. 

Just a few years ago, the 9/11 truth movement was stalled, the Iraq war and the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act enjoyed broad public support, and most people of faith just didn’t get it. Then a miracle happened. In April 2005, MUJCA brought 9/11 truth icon David Griffin to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite months of hard promotional work, we thought we’d be lucky to get fifty people to attend. Suddenly, just a week before the event, C-Span announced they would be broadcasting Dr. Griffin’s talk on national television, and local media picked up the story. When I walked into the largest lecture hall on the U.W.-Madison campus and saw it jam-packed with over 450 people and C-Span cameras, I knew that truth and justice were on the march. 

In 2006, MUJCA joined with, the oldest and largest 911 activist group, to sponsor the biggest and best 911 activist conference to date, 9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future. Breakthrough media coverage of that conference, and the LA Scholars’ conference that followed, propelled 9/11 truth into popular consciousness worldwide. In the wake of these successes, I became the target of a vilification campaign by truth-phobic politicians and pundits like Steve Nass, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. That campaign backfired, giving 9/11 skeptics even more publicity and helping turn public opinion against the war and in favor of 9/11 truth. Today, a clear majority of Americans opposes the war, and only 16% believe the US government is telling the truth about 9/11. Polls suggest that religious people, in particular, are waking up fast. In the five-and-one-half years that have passed since that day of infamy, we have never been in a better position to take back our future than we are today. 

This is a time to move forward, not rest on our laurels. Your support can help us take MUJCA to the next level. Here is what we can accomplish in 2007, God willing, with your help: 

*We now have 501(c)3 nonprofit status, retroactive to 2005, and are using it to book events in public libraries, send out mass mailings at a discount, and fundraise for bigger and better projects, including future conferences on Interfaith/Spiritual Approaches to 9/11 Truth and Academic Freedom and 9/11 Truth. We will be running large-format ads in selected alternative weeklies beginning in September, 2007, and will continue and expand this effort as funding allows.

*We launched our Stop the Next 9/11 project by distributing thousands of professional-looking two-foot by three-foot INSIDE JOB signs:  We are continuing to distribute the signs—make sure you and all your friends and neighbors have at least one!

*We are partnering with 911dvdproject in the free distribution of tens of thousands of copies of more than a dozen 9/11 truth DVDs and CDs. It’s an end-run around the corporate media blackout! With the help of 911dvdproject we have obtained a professional-quality rapid DVD duplicator. These DVDs are a force multiplier: Each copy can be seen by many people, copied, and recopied. In just a few generations of copying, we can affordably blanket America with 9/11 truth DVDs. Remember, when people actually see WTC-7 coming down, alongside Larry Silverstein’s “pull it” remark, their faith in the official myth of 9/11 is usually demolished at free-fall speed! 

*We want every church, synagogue and mosque in America to receive a free DVD of David Griffin’s nationally-televised lecture “9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?” Thanks to the generosity of Ken Jenkins, we have obtained permission to produce it for free distribution. It will cost us about a dollar per unit to put a DVD and brochure in a church’s mailbox—or, better yet, less than 50 cents if we can find a volunteer to hand-deliver it and do a follow-up call. That means that your $100 contribution could introduce over 100 ministers, priests, rabbis and imams, along with their congregations, to 9/11 truth. If only 100 people contribute $100 each, that’s ten thousand DVDs! 

*Our free distribution of Griffin’s 9/11 and the American Empire DVD is accompanying the January, 2007 publication of 9/11 and the American Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, a collection of essays by Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders and intellectuals.

*We are partnering with in the distribution of hundreds of thousands of 9/11 deception dollars. (MUJCA is now listed along with other great 9/11 truth websites on the latest deception dollar!) 

*We are opening a speakers’ bureau for 9/11 truth lectures.

*As MUJCA coordinator and co-editor of 9/11 and the American Empire v.2, and author of Truth Jihad, I am hosting three radio shows and lecturing in the US and around the world. (Please join the dialogue by calling in to my shows—the call-in numbers are listed at the top of my radio schedule.) Speakers’ bureau information will be posted here

* We are partnering with you in all of these projects! We need you to help us distribute DVDs, brochures and Deception Dollars. As a MUJCA backer you may request DVDs and Deception Dollars and suggestions about how to distribute them. We also need you to contact local media outlets; help arrange speaking events and book-signings; distribute buttons and bumper-stickers; and contribute ideas and suggestions. 


While your active participation is fundamental to our success, we also need your ongoing financial support for our vision to become real.  I therefore urge you to join MUJCA with a monthly or annual donation of as much as you can afford. You can donate via bank transfer, by mail, or on paypal.  Please choose your financial support option below and email or snailmail this information to: 

MUJCA, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556

(608) 583-2132 / 

___      MUJCA BENEFACTOR:   $100/month  or $1,000 annually

___      MUJCA PATRON:              $50/month  or $500 annually

___      MUJCA SUSTAINER:       $10/month or $100/annually

___      MUJCA SUPPORTER        $5/month or $50/annually



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