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Mikey Weinstein: Enlisting Christ: Not on my Watch


[Mikey Weinstein will be my guest on Dynamic Duo Friday July 13th, 3-5 p.m., http://gcnlive.com, call-in number (877) 996-4327.  -KB ] 

It is with profound sadness that I approach this Fourth of July. Coming from a long line of veterans and speaking as an Honor Graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy, my decision to challenge our nation's armed forces has been a painful one.


Through my children, three of whom are U.S. Air Force Academy graduates, along with thousands of other military personnel and chaplains, I have learned firsthand of aggressive internal efforts to evangelize our fighting men and women into a narrow branch of Christianity that claims salvation only for the "born-again" few. Having once sworn to defend and protect our constitution, I had no choice but to found the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and mount a full-frontal legal attack against these forces of intolerance waging war on our foundational freedoms. 

In the hierarchical subculture of the military, when your immediate superior tells you to fall in line for Christ or face the consequences, responding with "get out of my face, sir or ma'am" is simply not an option. Imagine then how a young soldier might respond to a multiple-star general ordering his staff to create a PowerPoint presentation showing a direct parallel between the Book of Revelation and our movements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or a four-star general distributing a flyer "urging" attendance at a religious class at a church outside the base, entitled "Jesus Versus Mohammad: an examination of the life of both prophets and why Jesus is superior to all." 

Soldiers and chaplains contact me from the frontlines on a daily basis telling of troops who refuse to be evangelized and are then sent to combat zones with higher concentrations of insurrectionists, jihadists, and IEDs...  

(complete article at: http://www.buzzflash.com/articles/contributors/1124

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Of Neo-Cons and Theo-Cons 

On Tuesday, July 3rd, I interviewed Captain Eric May, who like Mikey Weinstein is a patriotic ex-officer horrified by the current rogue regime and its abuse of our nationís military. The show is archived at: http://mp3.wtprn.com/Barrett07.html

Captain May described our current rulers, who seized power in the 9/11 coup díetat, as composed of neo-cons and theo-cons. He stated that the neo-cons are mostly Jewish and fanatical supporters of Israel, while the theo-cons are fundamentalist Christians who share the neo-con agenda of an endless Crusade in the Middle East. 

Captain Mayís remarks elicited a letter of protest, which I am reprinting below followed by my reply.  -KB 

* * * 

Mr. Barrett, the remarks against supposed 'TheoCons' was totally unacceptable and, frankly, ignorant. 

I am a born again Christian of over 35 years.

I am telling you that everything the Bible tells us is, inspired of God.

If you fight against the Word of God, you will not win.

God always wins arguments; and His true people, who believe His Word, will not be mocked, either. 

I was very disappointed to hear Captain May speak against born again Christians.

Anyone who calls themselves a Christian, yet denounces God's people, who believe in His Word, are apostate, reprobate and void of the Truth. 

I warn you, in the name of the Lord, to be very careful how you speak against God's people and His Word.

I know from personal experience, the power and veracity of that Word.

And, I have won many a battle against those who do not believe, who would have come against me. 

I strongly caution you in this regard.

God will not be mocked; nor His Word abused. 

What you spoke, you spoke out of ignorance; but it is now time to, come out of ignorance, that, God said in His Word, that He once winked at. 

If you truly learn the ways of the,and have His Holy Spirit within you, and read His Holy Word, you will understand why He destroyed those nations in the Old Testament.

I used to think like you, but I found out I was wrong.

I now understand His Word and why God has done what He has done, in times past.

Please heed this message...give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ...begin to read His Word and call upon the Holy Spirit to come in to your life and help you to understand God's Word. 

I promise you - He will not let you down.

I correspond with Former Chief of the Military, Al Cuppett, who believes the same way I do. 

I used to be a Pres. Bush supporter; I do not support either Party now. 

A servant of the Lord,


Vancouver, Canada. 

* * * 

My reply: 

Thanks for the feedback, Layna. 

I can't speak for Captain May. Personally I have nothing against born-again Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus. I have had some wonderful guests who are evangelical Christians, including Brother Raymond of Beit Shalom and the Rev. Chris Ortiz of Chalcedon Foundation. 

By "theo-cons" I believe Captain May is referring to those evangelicals who are allied to, or brainwashed by, the neo-cons, and who therefore support the ongoing genocide in the Middle East. Any "Christian" who supports aggressive war or other war crimes is insane at best, Satanic at worst. Unfortunately the polls seem to indicate that these folks are a majority among Evangelicals. 


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