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Whatever Happened to Waleed? 

Al Jadida, Morocco, 5/14/07

By Kevin Barrett (kevin@mujca.com)  

Whatever happened to Waleed al-Shehri?   

According to the BBC and other sources, Mr. al-Shehri, a Saudi Arabian pilot for Royal Air Maroc, walked into the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco shortly after 9/11 saying that he had been wrongly identified as a 9/11 suicide hijacker.

Referring to Mr. al-Shehri, the BBC reported: “His photograph was released by the FBI, and has been shown in newspapers and on television around the world. That same Mr Al-Shehri has turned up in Morocco, proving clearly that he was not a member of the suicide attack. He told Saudi journalists in Casablanca that he has contacted both the Saudi and American authorities to advise them that he had nothing to do with the attack. He acknowledges that he attended flight training school at Dayton Beach in the United States, and is indeed the same Waleed Al-Shehri to whom the FBI has been referring.” (BBC, 9/22/2001, archived at http://www.prisonplanet.com/hijack_suspect_alive_in_morocco.htm)

Text Box: The FBI photo that Waleed al-Shehri recognized as himself. 
The 9/11 Commission Report says this was the Waleed al-Shehri who helped hijack and crash Flight 11!

A simple case of mistaken identity? Could there have been another guy named Waleed al-Shehri on Flight 11? That’s what apologists for the official story say. But then why did the 2004 9/11 Commission Report use the same photo and biography—the ones that the innocent guy had recognized as his own? Why didn’t the Report make any effort to investigate and resolve the issue of the hijackers’ true identities, which the FBI had previously admitted were in doubt?

And above all, whatever happened to the innocent guy? Assuming that the official story is true—

and that the Waleed al-Shehri (Moroccan spelling: Walid al-Shri) who walked into the US Embassy in Rabat after the 9/11 attacks was just a guy with the same name and a similar photo and biography who also happened to have a brother named Wail—wouldn’t that be a huge international news story? Wouldn’t every journalist on earth want to find the innocent guy and interview and photograph him? Imagine how this falsely-accused man must have felt when he picked up a newspaper and saw a photo that looked like him, and a biography that described the Florida flight training he had undergone—in a story accusing him and his brother Wail of flying Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center! This would be the mother-of-all-human-interest-stories, would it not? Every foreign correspondent in Morocco should have been all over this story from day one. “INNOCENT ‘HIJACKER’ SPEAKS OUT; FALSELY ACCUSED OF CRIME OF THE CENTURY,” should have been the cover story of Der Spiegel or Time or L’Express or the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and picked up for front page headlines in every major newspaper in the world...right? 

Wrong, apparently. As far as I can determine, there has been exactly ZERO follow-up on the story of the innocent Waleed al-Shehri. None. Zilch. Zero. Nobody seems to know where he lives, where he works, what he has been doing since 9/11, or how he feels about being falsely accused of mass murder. The Saudi government has said al-Shehri was the victim of identity theft, meaning that either (a) an unknown person hijacked al-Shehri’s passport before hijacking Flight 11 under the stolen identity, or (b) an intelligence agency stole al-Shehri’s passport and used it to create a fictitious patsy, a non-existent cut-out to name as a “hijacker” when in fact there were no hijackings or hijackers at all.[i] 

The wall of silence around this wrongly-accused man is very, very strange...so strange that I decided to go to Morocco myself in hopes of learning something about Mr. al-Shehri. Surely if he were just an innocent man caught up in a case of mistaken identity, the authorities in Morocco, and especially the US Embassy, would be falling all over themselves to bring him into the public eye and discredit the “conspiracy theories” surrounding him. 

Surely? Well, I have been in the general vicinity of Casablanca, Morocco for exactly one week, and if any authorities are falling all over themselves to bring Waleed al-Shehri into the public eye, I have yet to find them. Au contraire, mes chers amis! Ala-l aks, ashabi! 

I have spoken to a couple of fairly high-level people in the commercial aviation community in Casablanca, and so far nobody will confirm or deny that a Saudi pilot named Waleed al-Shehri ever lived or worked here. When I ask how I might obtain a list of pilots based in Casablanca, they tell me that no such list is obtainable. When I ask whether there is any way to confirm or deny the employment status of pilots working for Royal Air Maroc or Saudi Arabian Airlines, representatives of the respective companies tell me no, there is not. They all have that “don’t want to get involved in dangerous political stuff” demeanor. One was practically falling all over himself to disassociate himself from my inquiry: “Le Maroc, c’est un pays pacifique...nous sommes des amis des Américains depuis longtemps, et nous voulons continuer cette relation...” (“Morocco is a peace-loving country...we have been friends of the Americans for a long time, and we want to continue that relationship.”) Frustrated, I explained to him that 9/11 appears to have been an inside job designed to launch a 100-years-war against the Islamic world, that Americans are waking up to 9/11 truth, and that helping me find Waleed al-Shehri could put the nail in the coffin of the official story. “Nous ne voulons que la paix” (“we only want peace”) he repeated. My response: “Pour avoir la paix il faut la vérité” (to get peace we must have the truth”).  His answer: “Je n’ai pas de vérité. Je n’ai que de billets d’avion. Si vous voulez en acheter un, je pouvez vous aider” (I don’t have any truth, all I have are airline tickets. If you want one of those, I can help you.”) 

If I ran up against a brick wall in my inquiries to the airlines, the response from the official and semi-official embassy milieu has been equally frustrating. The Information Officer at the US Embassy in Rabat, a pleasant fellow named David, told me today that he and all the other current Embassy personnel know nothing about the al-Shehri story, because none of them were in Morocco in 2001, because diplomatic service employees always rotate around the world every few years. Promisingly, David added that he did see a news article taking a “conspiracy theory” angle on the al-Shehri story in one of the French-language Moroccan dailies just last week! “Moroccan newspapers sometimes keep rehashing these conspiracy theories long after they’ve been resolved to everyone else’s satisfaction,” David said.   

After informing David that only 16% of the American people believe the government is telling us the truth about 9/11 (NY Times poll), meaning that the question of 9/11 has not quite been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, I decided my best bet might be with those conspiracy-theory loving Moroccan newspapers, vowed to track down last week’s news story on al-Shehri, and composed an epistle which I emailed to about forty journalists and news outlets (excusez mon francais imparfait, c’était un travail rapide): 

                                                                        El Jadida

                                                                        Lundi le 14 Mai 2007 

As-salaamu alaikum, 

Je vous écris en entendant que vous tenez une place d’importance dans le champs journalistique marocain. C’est pour cela que je vous approche en cherchant des renseignements et en vous offrant une histoire qui pourrait interesser vos lecteurs. 

En tant que chercheur, écrivain et professeur musulman-américain qui sera au Maroc pendant les quinze jours prochains, je vous écris pour savoir si vous sauriez quelque-chose sur le cas étrange de M. Waleed al-Shehri: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/1558669.stm 

Ce monsieur a été faussement blâmé pour les attentats d'onze septembre 2001. Le FBI américain nous a dit qu'il était parmi les terroristes qui ont détourné et detruit le vol n. 11. Mais selon le BBC et d'autres sources M. al-Shehri est allé a l'ambassade américain a Rabat quelques jours après les attentats 11 septembre 2001. Il a dit que la photo et la biographie du soi-disant "terroriste" Waleed al-Shehri, frère de Wail al-Shehri, était bel et bien lui-même. Mais il a insisté, apparemment avec raison, qu'il était innocent, et que quelqu'un lui avait volé ses papiers d'identité l'année auparavant. On dit qu'il travaillait a Casablanca pour Royal Air Maroc.  

Deux années après, en été 2004, la Commission 9/11 nous a donné la même photo et biographie en disant que c'était bien lui le Waleed al-Shehri qui était sur le vol n.11 qui a frappé la tour nord du World Trade Center. En plus, 9 ou 10 des autres 18 "9/11 hijackers" paraient rester encore vivant, la plupart d'entre eux en Arabie Saoudite. Donc la question des vraies identités des terroristes accusés reste parmi les plus grands problemes de l’histoire officielle de 9/11/2001. (Il y a des centaines de mensonges et de contradictions dans l’histoire officielle, comme Dr. David Griffin a constaté dans ses plusieurs livres consacré au sujet.) 

L'histoire de Waleed al-Shehri pourrait être très importante pour tous les américains qui veulent savoir la vérité sur les évènements d'onze septembre. Il parait que l'histoire officielle est tout a fait fausse, et que cet attentat n'est pas venu des musulmanes extrémistes. Selon les recherches de plus que cent professeurs d'université aussi bien que le témoignage de nombreux officiers ex-militaires/intelligences, le "9/11" était une opération "faux-drapeau" (false-flag operation) désigné pour manipuler l'opinion publique américaine et mondiale pour lancer une "guerre de cent ans" contre le monde musulman, en commençant avec l'afghanistan et l'iraq. 

Mais cette guerre ne va pas bien, et l'opinion publique américaine commence a se réveille. Selon des sondages de l'année dernière, 36% des américains, c'est-à-dire a peu près 100 million, croient que le gouvernement américain a perpétré les attentats 9/11 pour lancer sa guerre en afghanistan et en iraq.  

Vous pouvez contribuer a ce mouvement historique en me fournissant des renseignements quelconques sur le M. Waleed al-Shehri qui habitaient au Maroc et qui était faussement accusé du crime 9/11. En plus, si vous aimeriez publier une histoire sur la croissance éclatante du “9/11 truth movement” aux E.U. je seriez a votre disposition. Je suis parmi les plus célèbres chercheurs dans ce mouvement historique, et j’aimerais partager mes connaissances avec le peuple marocain. Vous pouvez googler sur “Kevin Barrett 9/11” pour voir des centaines d’articles et journaux télévises sur moi, parmi lesquels se trouve ceux des New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/01/education/01madison.html?ex=1312084

, Chicago Tribune http://www.campus-watch.org/article/id/2667

, National Public Radio http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5600145

 CNN http://www.campus-watch.org/article/id/2633

, Fox http://911blogger.com/node/5157

, etcetéra.)         

Si vous voudriez un exemplaire gratuit de mon nouveau livre Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie, envoyez-moi un email le demandant: kevin@mujca.com 

Voyez pourriez aussi vous interesser a mon autre nouveau livre 9/11 and American Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out,. 

Avec mes sentiments les plus respectueux, 

Kevin Barrett


* * * 

For those who don’t read French, here is the short version: I am requesting information about Waleed al-Shehri, and announcing that I would be happy to be interviewed for any prospective story on the American 9/11 truth movement. 

I am still waiting to hear back from those 40 Moroccan journalists, as well as several other prospective sources. For now, here I am in the beautiful cyber-café Lima Moon, not far from the historic Portugese cisterns and the sunny, surfable beaches of lovely Al-Jadida, Morocco, sipping delicious syrupy-sweet mint tea, listening to the music of the surrounding conversations in Moroccan dialect over the rumble of traffic that drowns out the distant surf, and dreaming of interviews with elusive still-living suicide hijackers. Business hours are over, so I am no longer working my portable phone; instead, I am back in cyberspace, checking out more prospective sources and filing this report to the 9/11 truth movement.  

[to be continued]

[i] The latter possibility is suggested by numerous facts, including

* That the alleged cell phone calls from 30,000 to 40,000 feet cruising altitudes were impossible, and must have been fabricated by real-time voice-mimicking technology;

* That there is no evidence that any hijackers were on any of the alleged suicide flights—not a single Arab name is on any of the published flight manifests, the two (instead of five) airport security videos purportedly showing hijackers boarding planes are blatant forgeries, and the alleged autopsy data from the flights does not identify any of the alleged hijackers despite the official story’s claim that it does.

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