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“Conspiracy Professor” Now A Bounty Hunter

Barrett Heading to Morocco to Apprehend Suicide Hijacker 

(Press Conference outside the office of Wisconsin Rep. Steve Nass, Room 12 West State Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin, Thursday,  May 3rd, 10:30 a.m.) 

Dr. Kevin Barrett, the University of Wisconsin lecturer who was denied a tenure-track position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, hounded by Steve Nass and 61 state legislators, and handed a death threat by Bill O’Reilly—all because of his political opinions and religious identity—has opted for a new career: Fugitive Recovery Agent specializing in the apprehension of still-living 9/11 suicide hijackers. 

Dr. Barrett will be traveling to Morocco May 6th to apprehend accused 9/11 hijacker Waleed al-Shehri, who, after allegedly stabbing a stewardess on a flight that crashed into the World Trade Center, returned to Casablanca and has reportedly been working as a pilot there ever since.

Barrett voiced his outrage that such a brutal, ruthless terrorist has been allowed to commit mass murder and suicide—and walk away scot free. “Waleed al-Shehri, I’m coming to get you!” Barrett vowed. “I don’t know how you got out of that plane alive, but that was the last miraculous escape you’ll ever make. You’re coming back to the US in handcuffs with me to face charges of mass murder and terrorism.” 

According to the BBC and other sources, al-Shehri visited the US embassy in Rabat, Morocco after the 9/11 attacks and protested his innocence, while admitting that the photo and biography of the accused suicide hijacker were indeed his. But Barrett isn’t buying it. “What a lame alibi,” Barrett scoffed. “The 9/11 Commission Report says Waleed al-Shehri is the guy who, along with his brother Wail, ‘stabbed two unarmed flight attendants’ shortly before Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower. Alive or dead, if the 9/11 Commission says he did it, this guy should be apprehended, tried, and, if guilty, convicted of his crimes.”           

As a badge-toting Fugitive Recovery Agent, Dr. Barrett is authorized to carry unusual weapons and use reasonable force to apprehend and deliver fugitives from justice. (Note: Wisconsin requires Fugitive Recovery Agents to be licensed, but no law prevents unlicensed agents like Dr. Barrett from working in other states or apprehending fugitives in foreign countries.)           

Dr. Barrett says he will use no weapons in Morocco. He intends to apprehend Waleed al-Shehri nonviolently and persuade him to return to the US to have his day in court and try to clear his name. “I will tell him that he has a very good chance of convincing a jury that he has stabbed no stewardesses and flown no planes into any buildings. Hopefully he’d like to see this whole thing cleared up, rather than spending his life under the cloud of an act of suicide terrorism that he says he didn’t commit.” 

Questions Linger About Alleged Hijackers’ Identities 

            According to Dr. Barrett, strong evidence indicates that the accused hijackers Waleed al-Shehri and Wail al-Shehri are indeed the sons of the Ahmed al-Shehri (alternative Roman alphabet spellings include Alshehri, al-Shri, etc.) who is a senior Saudi diplomat in Bombay, India. One of Ahmed’s sons is Waleed al-Shehri who has been protesting his innocence from Casablanca. This Waleed says he, like the alleged 9/11 suicide hijacker, has a brother named Wail, attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida—and that the picture of the alleged suicide hijacker offered by the 9/11 Commission is indeed a picture of him.

           These facts, Dr. Barrett says, makes mincemeat of the report that the actual suicide hijackers were a different pair of brothers named Waleed and Wail al-Shehri. “Excuse me, but I think this guy knows his own photo,” Dr. Barrett said. “And what are the odds that there were two guys with identical photos who not only had the same name, but also had brothers named Wail, and who trained at the same flight school at the same time? And what are the odds that, if this were true, the situation would not even be mentioned, much less investigated, by the 9/11 Commission? Anyone who believes the BS about a second pair of brothers might as well blame 9/11 on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.”           

Barrett went further, calling the reports blaming a second Waleed and Wail al-Shehri “among the lamest disinformation efforts ever produced by any intelligence agency, anywhere.” A brief, extremely general story about the allegedly guilty second pair of brothers surfaced in the Saudi media following September 11th. “It reads like an intelligence agency press release,” Barrett said. “No biographical details, no extensive interviews, nada. Just a couple of paragraphs replete with generalities.”           

The report citing the second pair of al-Shehri brothers was never looked into by the 9/11 Commission, which pointedly ignored all of the many questions about the alleged hijackers’ identities. Its only “confirmation” is a ludicrous propaganda piece by military-contractor-owned MSNBC, which sent pseudo-journalist John Hockenberry to Saudi Arabia, where he reported that a family named al-Shehri believes that brothers Waleed and Wail are dead—but that they could not have been the alleged 9/11 hijackers, having disappeared shortly before 9/11 and thus having neither the time nor the English skills to have been the al-Shehri brothers who trained in Florida. Hockenberry apparently did not ask why this family thinks the brothers in question are dead. If he had, the likely answer—“disappeared by covert operators”—could never have been reported on a military-industrial propaganda network like MSNBC.           

Barrett points out that most of the reports pointing to the second pair of al-Shehri brothers are blatantly ignorant and/or dishonest. For example, the former German Intelligence Minister Andreas Von Bulow, who charges that 9/11 was a CIA--Mossad operation, was “rebutted” on al-Shehri via incoherent generalities in Der Spiegal. Here is a paragraph from that article

If Bülow had inquired with the airline, he would have discovered that the name of the pilot who lives in Casablanca is Walid al-Shri and not, like that of the assassin, Walid al-Shari. This minor detail makes a big difference, namely the difference between a dead terrorist and a living innocent man. But to conspiracy theorists, discovering the truth is like solving a crossword puzzle for children: What's a four-letter word for a domesticated animal? Hrse.           

What a load of hrse-sht! The Der Spiegal writer, too cowardly to sign his name, is either too stupid to know, or too dishonest to admit, what any first-year Arabic student understands: The same Arabic name can be transliterated in various ways. Al-Shahri, al-Shehri, al-Shari, etc. are one and the same name in Arabic, and this name is transliterated as al-Shri in Morocco, where pronunciation and transliteration tends to be heavily elided. The Der Spiegal writer, like virtually all “debunkers” who have written on 9/11, is either a liar or a moron or both. But this has not stopped the myth of the “different names” to spread around the internet, where it is routinely employed by those who accept the official conspiracy theory on faith, citing any false fact they can find in support of their delusion.           

The evidence that many alleged hijackers were alive after 9/11 is overwhelming (Kolar) as is the evidence that the whole “hijacking” story was concocted out of forged evidence and ludicriously impossible cell phone calls. Barrett has pursued indirect inquiries to high-level officials in Saudia Arabia, who discretely confirm that several of the 10 alleged hijackers known to have survived 9/11 are currently residing in their country, but that journalists’ access to these individuals will not be granted unless US-Saudi relations deteriorate significantly.           

Bottom line: The Waleed al-Shehri in Casablanca says the 9/11 Commission’s photo and biography are his, and that he’s the guy who trained in Daytona Beach. Fugitive Recovery Agent Dr. Kevin Barrett plans to apprehend him, bring him back alive, and turn him over to lawful authorities so that a proper investigation, of the kind never even attempted by the 9/11 Commission, can be conducted. 

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