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My satirical essay “Wag the DOG,” which makes a tongue-in-cheek argument for lethal “Discontinuity of Government” procedures, has predictably disturbed some readers. Below is one such reaction to the essay, followed by my response.

--Kevin Barrett 

Dear Kevin, 

I have recommended MUJCA enthusiastically to thousands of people, and share nearly all of your analysis about the crimes of the Cheney junta. I salute your courage and your good-humoured readiness to try to shock people awake. Your critique of the COG (Continuity of Government) obsession (cover for FEMA tyranny) is very well said, as is your floating of a COG and substitution of a DOG Model (discontinuity of government), which is an important way of framing our need for some kind of serious r/evolutionary rupture. http://www.mujca.com/wagthedog.htm 

But in my opinion it is pointless and reckless to invoke the 'hang em from the lamp-posts' model of violent revolution, when for a hundred reasons it makes more sense to project models of the radical revival of due process, either as per the theory/official picture of Nuremberg (the reality was much more brutal, crude and hobbled by acute double-standards) or even as per South Africa when those who confess their infamy and show contrition and spill beans are permitted to escape the death penalty and ideally seek forgiveness from those they have most harmed. 

Revolutions based on (counter)-hatred are easily diverted into excesses which isolate the revolutionaries, easily impose excessively dualistic scapegoating mental frameworks on a messy picture of many complicities and cupabilities extending very widely, easily neglect to see and then alienate potential allies, easily become heirarchical and require secrecy, easily become male-dominated, easily fragment into sectarianism, easily bring out the worst in those who are keeping the system going and thus are liable to magnetise even more projective and 'pre-emptive' violence than we will have to suffer/defend ourselves against anyway; etc, etc etc.

The only r/evolution which will (insh'Allah) work will be a spiritual r/evolution, a great awakening by tens of millions out of a long sleep of denial and passivity, a r/evolutionary awakening to compassionate solidarity with all the 911 junta's victims [which ultimately includes all of us, including even the 'bad guys' who are trapped in the endless treadmill of having to keep re-proving the Big Lie of their Real Manhood: 'wimps go to Baghdad, real men go to Tehran', or nuke it]. 

If such a revolution or evolution involves a degree of disabling self/other-defensive force/sabotage, such unilateral action is neither blabbed about in advance, nor glorified subsequently, but is carried out in a disciplined way (only trust the sad revolutionaries - Guevara/Cuba; or a resolute resistance as Bonhoeffer moved to join, that hopefully wasn't/won't be just a timely elite manoeuvre to limit the damage to the imperialist project).   

However much we need to be aware of the harmfulness and sheer insanity of the worldview and actions of the ruling fraternities and the huge hinterland of fanatical groups (Christian, Zionist, police, army, militia, Blackwater, election fixers, intel-media complex, military-industrial insiders, hate-radio stations, etc) they rely on, I still don't see that inciting violence is going to help, in fact it will surely be seized on to discredit all faith-based resistance to the elections-stealing concentration camps building torture-using 911 junta 

There'll likely be enough scuffles and stand-offs and shootings too going on if the system ever cracks, but it won't ever really crack (and not just morph into some new fallback tyranny - disguised as its opposite by its officially intruded 'revolutionary leaders', certain '911-truthers' not excluded, I dare say) unless enough people are co-operating who are acting soberly and clear-sightedly, with full responsibility, and speaking the truth with soft passion, with tears of frustration and love and nothing-held-back-fury in which lurks no self-righteousness, no demagogic drunkeness, and no re-cycling of old fantasies of revenge which just give the karmic wheel of 'the demonic in history' another push .... 

I hope you will edit your article to make it more skillfully evocative of the finest traditions of due process we need to re-establish. I want you to edit your article to say we need to think who can be supported to isolate and eventually arrest Cheney and co for 911 (etc)  and to what court(s) they should be handed over .... 

If you don't want to change your article on this specific point, then I hope you will carry this critique next to it, and allow a spiritually-based discussion to ensue. 

Best wishes,

Keith Mothersson

(Buddhist, and co-ordinator 911TruthScotland) 

* * * 

Dear Keith Mothersson, 

Thank you for your articulate response to my satirical article “Wag the DOG.” I agree with you 100% -- well, maybe 99% 

My essay uses absurdist “it only hurts when I laugh” black humor to underline the absurdity of “Continuity of Government”—the idea that the very government officials who create horrific disaster should be rewarded with absolute power. 

I assure you that my article is not  “blabbing about unilateral action in advance.” I have no intention of instituting any violent Discontinuity of Government procedures—though if indeed the Cheney junta leads us into a National Emergency, I imagine that I, like millions of other Americans, might be forced to use violence in self-defense against gangs and looters, including those in Blackwater uniforms or, God forbid, even US military uniforms. (Any self-described US military forces used in domestic law enforcement are criminals, not legitimate soldiers; and if those FEMA concentration camps ever come into use, it will be incumbent upon all decent people to mount an armed resistance.) 

I intend that the kind of aggressive black humor exemplified by my article should replace, rather than incite, actual violence. As Freud said, civilization began the day a caveman hurled an insult instead of a rock. 

By ridiculing (and even humorously threatening) the people who are murdering millions of people, and planning the murder of tens if not hundreds of millions more, we can contribute to creating an atmosphere in which such violence will be unsustainable. 

I do hope that such articles (see also http://mujca.com/secretservice.htm) along with the millions of other verbal death wishes being directed at the neo-nazis running the USA, will waste the Secret Service’s valuable time and convince them, and the other American authorities, that attempting to protect such traitors and war criminals is not worth it. To that end, I urge everyone who realizes the extent of treason that has overtaken the USA to inundate the Secret Service with humorous, satirical statements pointing out the all-too-obvious fact that we would all be better off if Bush, Cheney, etc. were to meet with some unfortunate accident.  

We need to create the kind of atmosphere in which patriots in the armed forces and the intelligence services feel empowered to take action against the traitors who seized power in the 9/11 coup d’etat. That is the serious side of my darkly humorous provocations. 

Kevin Barrett

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