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Kennebunkport Smoking Gun

“I signed something but did not read what I signed...” 

[I will be discussing this case with Leland Lehrman, congressional candidate from New Mexico, on Tuesday, October 2nd, 9-11 p.m. CT,   Feel free to call in with your two cents’ worth.] 

The whole point of the 9/11 truth movement is...truth. Having the courage to face the truth and state it publicly, even if it complicates our social lives, is what sets truth activists apart from feckless sheeple, cowardly careerists, and others who have a whole lot of spiritual development to do before they reach a level that could remotely be called human. 

The truth about the Kennebunkport Warning, like the truth about 9/11, is knowable. From the moment the controversy broke out, a strong circumstantial case suggested that all of the signatories had in fact signed the document—but that four of them had, for some reason, regretted their decisions and decided to lie and accuse the Warning’s organizers of fraud. That case now appears conclusive, based on photos of the signed document and a private admission from Jamillia al-Shafei that she did in fact sign—contradicting her continuing public accusations that the Kennebunkport organizers committed forgery. 

Forgery is a serious crime, and falsely accusing someone of forgery is an even more serious crime. Yes, I think Webster Tarpley made a terrible mistake by accusing his misguided, ignorant, badly mistaken opponents on this issue of being infiltrators. Webster should apologize forthwith. But Tarpley’s ill-considered accusation is nothing next to the mendacious fraud accusations put forth by the four regretful signatories. It is they, far more than Tarpley, who must apologize quickly if they want to retain any credibility. Frankly, if I were one of the Warning’s organizers, I would be strongly considering legal action.  

Linked and excerpted below is a good account of the Kennebunkport controversy from winterpatriot (How I wish people would drop these stupid handles and sign their real names!!!!!! No wonder Tarpley’s suspicious!!!!!!!) 

-Kevin Barrett 

* * * 

Laurie Dobson has published an email from Jamilla El-Shafei, one of the four alleged non-signatories, in which Jamilla admits having signed the Kennebunkport Warning without reading it: 

Hi Laurie, 

This document was presented to me as it was a petition to IMPEACH CHENEY and because I was distracted and pulled in a hundred different directions I DID NOT READ IT. 

I signed something but I did not read what I signed, which was stupid, I admit!! 

I would like my name removed from this piece of work. 

Jamilla's publicly stated position at the moment is that the document she signed was not the Kennebunkport Warning. She actually signed some other document, and the text was changed after she signed it. 

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