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"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" (Exodus 16).  "So Then, Putting Away Falsehood, Let All of Us Speak the Truth to our Neighbors, for We Are All Members of One Another." (Ephesians 4:25), "They Try to Deceive Allah and Those Who Believe, But They Only Deceive Themselves, and Realize it Not." (Qur'aan 2:9)

"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning" – Albert Einstein

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Breaking Open 9/11 Truth



Week of Truth April 16-22  

Please join the first nationally coordinated 9/11 truth effort to break the corporate media blockade! The goal of this effort is to drive Steve Alten’s book, The Shell Game to the top ten of the New York Times Best Seller’s List, between April 16 and 22. Being on the top ten list will enable greater exposure to 9/11 issues via other stores and radio and TV outlets. 

To do this, we are urging people to buy one or more copies from Amazon, Borders or Barnes and Noble, since these stores report to the New York Times.  

Steve Alten, the author of The Shell Game has received great coverage recently on ABC channel 6 in Philadelphia, and was able to reveal some key 9/11 facts. 

Read what 9/11 Truth scholars and activists are saying about the book: 

“Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US . . . This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.”

Peter Phillips; Director Project Censored 

“. . . they [the majority of Americans] shall come to realize what I now realize… that the 9/11 Truth Movement are the real patriots in 21st century America!"

Steve Alten, New York Times Best Selling author of “The Shell Game”  

“The Shell Game is a new book that gives the mass public reality in the form of a novel interwoven with real events and people. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who believe the 9/11 Commission Report.”

Paul Craig Roberts (Known as the Father of Reaganomics, past editor at The Wall Street Journal, and Columnist for The National Review) 

"The Shell Game reveals in fiction the dark truth of government sponsored false flag terrorist attacks.  This read may be a Trojan horse of reality - a final wake-up call to slumbering Americans - to examine and to expose the secret agenda of their own government before they no longer have the right to do so."

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect 

We, the undersigned, urge everyone seeking truth, peace and justice, to not only purchase this new novel, "The Shell Game," but also to email out this appeal to all you know who seek truth, peace and justice in the form of 9/11 truth coming out.  In turn, please urge them to do the same with all their contacts and urge them to do the same.  We can break 9/11 truth open if we work together and focus on this project for the next 30 days. 

Yours in 9/11 truth, peace and justice,

Dr. Steven Jones; Janice Matthews (; David Ray Griffin; Kevin Ryan; Dr. Robert Bowman; Rob Balsamo (Pilots for 9/11 Truth); Carol Brouillet; Mike Berger; David Kubiak; Kevin Barrett; Michael Wolsey; Peter Dale Scott; Bill Douglas, Meria Heller, Dan Kase, Jonathan Mark ( 

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Thanks, Lou

Mujca coordinator

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