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Editor’s note: Below are notes on the recent Science of 9/11 conference in Madison, Wisconsin taken by Kris Knight, who has been a fearless and brilliant behind-the-scenes activist for years before I got involved. Thanks, Kris!  --Kevin Barrett



AUGUST 4-5, 2007, MADISON;


[My comments/thoughts along the way within brackets]; WHAT TO DO IN RED 



   Earned his PhD in the history and philosophy of science.  A former Marine Corps officer, he has

         published 28 books, including THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY with contributions from 11 experts on

        different aspects of the case.  The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, he also maintains the society’s

        website at 911scholars.org.  Resides in Madison, where conference held



Participants from Turkey, Germany and Russia; live over revereradio.net; this day dedicated to the 3000

         victims [what about the 15,000+ sick and dying in NYC right now?] 

Pre-Afghanistan and Iraq; planned for long time

We must remove motivation, which are wars and surveillance

Much concern about false flag event this month---AUGUST [bridge collapse Minn?]; believed by many

        that another attack would  be good for Republicans



Twin Towers (TT) tubes within tubes; 287 support columns;    [ELF involved???]

W had image from which made comments; fuel heat is  far less than what needed for melting steel

De Martini says:  designed to withstand Boeing 707; lattice structure very resilient

Rodriguez:  explosion heard below him prior to hit by plane; [was in Madison several months ago]; was

         janitor for stairwells for about 20 years prior to 9-11 event

Seismograph 14-17 sec. before hit-àcomplicity, see scholars website; cannot get it less than 11-12 seconds

South Tower began to break off;  top 30 floors  turned to powder; massive amts of energy required

About 10 sec. needed each for  going down---pancaking---Dr. Wood believes NO to controlled demolition

          as cause of collapse, and will talk more extensively about  this; 12% total mass should have been

          left if controlled demolition but it was “dustification” with an  amazingly small amount of debris for

          such incredibly tall buildings, plus everything inside

NIST ideas in ’05 report highly questionable

Billiard ball T squared benefit NOT because of all floors, one at a time; math doesn’t add up;  went down

       way too fast

Burned neither hot nor long enough to do damage that was done

***Consider quantity of energy required to do that much damage that would also yield molten metal


Buildings 5, 6, 4 and 3, incl. more than 50 strange incisions and bent support beams, series of floors

          crushed together

Toasted cars, more than 1400 of them, very bizarre phenomenon; many totally missing engine blocks, car

          door handles

“Bathtub” under WTC to protect Manhattan from flooding from Hudson River stayed completely intact, in

          spite of being relatively fragile; not compromised; very strange; if it had been compromised, would


          have been huge flooding crisis


WTC 7:  7 hrs later; 6.5 sec. for 47 fl. to go down; fell into its footprint; incredibly well executed

       operation; claim was that it was caused by fires; Silverstsein on film saying “they might as well pull

       it”…; information for many legal cases destroyed in Bldy 7,  incl. Ken Lay defense (later died); 

       damage stack; 12% stack present; BBC announced this going down 23 min. prior to it actually 

       happening; announcer in front of picture where it was still standing and then was whited out when it

       actually happened, to minimize error of SHOWING IT GOING DOWN 23 MIN. PRIOR TO ITS



We are conspiracy realists, not conspiracy theorists


PENTAGON:   “punch out” sign seen on side of building (pic); you do not see after later collapse over

        hole ; NO engines from plane anywhere; no recovery from this plane; upper floors down 20” later,

        right over small perfect circle where huge plane allegedly penetrated; debris only shows up later but

        lawn  perfectly fine right after alleged huge plane penetrates at ground level; many people seen

        literally distributing debris; first floor damage to floor columns:  smaller aircraft likely, if anything;

        white smoke consistent with missile.


WHY missile into Pentagon?  Monday before, Rumsfeld made announcement that $2.3 trillion missing;

         almost like he knew ahead and planned announcement  this way; present right where bldg. hit was

         Naval Intelligence and also Accounting area where 2-3 doz. experts trying to track the $2-3 trillion;

         they were killed; plane couldn’t possibly have gotten closer than 60 ft. to the ground but was alleged

         to be Boeing 747; NO evidence of this anywhere; one claim that plane was vaporized but then another

        claim that DNA obtained from plane victims; one plane in particular ordered  by Cheney NOT to be

        shot down


Congress came rushing out of White House, and a whole row of dumpsters had black clouds of smoke

         coming out of them to impress them of the seriousness of things

Rice maintained she had no idea planes would ever be used in an attack [in retrospect, she may have actually 

         given an important clue here…]


Flight 77 at SHANKSVILLE:  not on radar screen; many inconsistencies; came in from different direction;

         likely shot down; Shanksville site very suspicious; debris for 8 sq. miles and extremely small, with

         only relatively small hole found, consistent with being shot down instead of crashing; one theory

         voiced that there might have been a mine shaft and plane might have gone underground!




Was among the first to spot problems with the videos of the planes hitting the South Tower, which were featured in his documentary on 9/11, “In Plane Site”.  Now has a  second DVD out titled “9/11 The Ripple Effect”.  He co-hosts “the Power Hour” with his wife Joyce Riley, which can be accessed at thepowerhour.com and is also a very talented musician and charismatic speaker.  He is an outstanding 9/11 activist and researcher who has been instrumental in focusing attention on the planes.  They also have another excellent DVD available titled “BEYOND TREASON”


Where’s your line in the sand?  We will NOT stop!

Must change our approach; we can no longer expect response from Congress.  They will NOT listen.

Independence Day is July 4th, not the other way around.

Put down the remote and the beer and get off your butts and get going!!!  We’re too fat, dumb, lazy,

         comfortable right now


We’ve turned the chips over to someone else

I use my gray matter and figure out that 2+2 does NOT equal 5

OUTBREAK movie with Dustin Hoffman where he says, “I’m NOT moving!!!”

Thinks “flash and pods” extremely important in “9-11 RIPPLE EFFECT”

Joyce and he have had many attacks upon them for their courageous work to reveal profound injustices,                      

        most especially to the military and their families

Many pics simply not real

White phosphorous---white cloud

What role did planes play?  Cover story:  if planes hijacked, then they were the terrorists, etc. 

          Collusion or coincidence…  Lasers may have controlled planes…

We are all choir members here at this conference

“LOOSE CHANGE I”---flash and pod

“LOOSE CHANGE II”---removed; efforts made to shut down certain types of topics

COINTELPRO went after him, Dave


THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE!!!  We here are pretty much MIHPS (Made it Happen) here


Planning phases

    1:  plane evidence themselves; took about 200 people; +NTK basis individuals, few years of planning

    2:  plant rabbit trail so you have those you can blame

    3:  controlled opposition necessary

At least one person made false charges in this room;  re-make charge NOW again,  or forever hold your


Joyce says:  You get off the horse, you end up fighting in the mud

We have controlled opposition

1.       1.    keep people focused on rabbit trail

2.       2.    photo evidence [?] hard and physical, discrediting; some say NO planes; caught someone showing something that was completely wrong evidence from a sci fi promo from ’99 and pointed it out, only to come back several hours later to find that he was still showing it as evidence of something pertaining to 9-11; people who have errors pointed out don’t always correct their errors


Media will be ultimately held accountable; our government is owned by the corporations; you cannot vote ‘em out, shout ‘em out, so you have to expose them.  What else is left?  It is our duty to throw off the new guards; we must get rid of those who pervert the Constitution




Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School (1995-present), the Navy’s advanced science, technology and national security affairs university.  Honegger served as Special Assistant to the Assistant to the  President and White House Policy Analyst (1981-3); was the pioneering Irangate author and whistleblower on the October Surprise (October Surprise, Tudor, 1989; and Iran-Contra expose’ documentary film “Cover-Up”); and was called as a researcher/witness at both the October 23, 2004, and August 27, 2005, Los Angeles Citizens 9/11 Grand Jury hearings held at Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles, Calif.  [Curious to me that she still has a job…]


PENTAGON ATTACK PAPERS (available online):  this is her focus today, as she believes this is true Achilles

         heel, as this  is primary strength behind claim that attacks were an “act of war”.


3rd imperative:  control the opposition

Core common denominator of areas:  anything that points toward military being involved

NOT civilian plane that hit Pentagon


She heard TWICE within Alex Jones presentations where he said he DOES NOT talk about the Pentagon,

        and then both times paused very deliberately; she was not allowed to talk at the Alex Jones conference;

       Alex  Jones very upset about “Loose Change 3” and Pentagon info interview of her   [????]

Crucial thing is to get hard evidence and that is her primary focus

Read Jim Marrs work, with newest being THE TERROR CONSPIRACY; highly recommended; 


In Europe, Pentagon attack considered the most important because they know it is the center of military


Terrorism is a specific definition:  intentional use of violence against civilians for political events


W and Cheney [and those above] could not have called out global agenda without 9-11; needed to also

        have large numbers of deaths of civilians to call attacks acts of terrorism

Extremely important to prove same MO and same perpetrators for all attacks


What if bombs inside AND planes outside?


William Rodriguez most important witness on the planet


Twin Towers:  Bomb sounds/went off about 7-9 seconds prior to hit from outside (9:38 AM)-àcontrolled

                demolition (collapse);

        SAME sequence at Pentagon; just after 9:30 is when ALL clocks stopped inside Pentagon [what are

             things that can unanimously make electric and digital and battery clocks ALL stop?  She never

             addresses this]; we were told Flight 77 hit this bldg; widest range possible for this explosive sound

             is betw. 9:30 and 9:32, accounting for clock differences

        2 hr. interview with a witness, April Gallup (sp?),  from inside; her watch stopped just after 9:30 (wrist

              watch) [ do loud sounds make a wrist watch stop????]; she and her new infant son had just

              reported back to work after being on maternity leave and was moved immediately and easily right

              past Security “which was extremely unusual”,  at the exact moment  she pressed the POWER

              button on her computer, the explosion went off; smell of cordite very obvious (bomb smell);

              reinforced windows bowed in and back out; this took place about 6 min. EARLIER than external


         Flight 77 evidence was NOT in building


WHO placed explosives inside, earlier?


[What does ELF strike look like after the fact?]


4 witnesses on record stating that at about 7:30 AM bomb sniffing dogs seen at Pentagon, and ONLY that

           morning; April one of the people who saw them


If something DID hit Pentagon, it hit later than explosions from inside

Was there an impactor used [I don’t know what this is…probably explained in paper]?  Probably; there is a

          Navy plane designed to fly off an airline carrier

Hole too small for Flight 77 so had to collapse side of bldg to cover hole, which said above it “PUNCH


Barbara believes may have been missile first to make easier for plane if plane involved

E4B plane [pic]; more important than Air Force 1; came in and circled White House and then flew over

          Pentagon; notice hump on this plane; likely this is the one Cheney ordered NOT shot down


First time revealed:  Why was nobody rescued from TT?????  NYC had helicopters in area next to TT’s;

        one was the same one that assisted with rooftop rescues another time; same trained rescuers; two


        supposedly  landable; two heliports on top; DENIED ACCESS; LOCKED DOORS ON TOP OF

        BOTH TT’s; would be Fire Dept. that would have typically had this [or someone impersonating

        Firepersons…]; can only be assumed massacre was intended; NO helicopter  rescue attempts; black

        helicopters came from airport and directed to stay away; others also ORDERED TO STAY

        AWAY.  HUGE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!


Explosives in WTC:  matters when placed and who placed;  after ’93 attack, bomb sniffing dogs kept in

          TT; not long before (about 2 weeks) 9-11 these dogs were ordered removed from TT’s


Irvine Conference:  Jones at restaurant table with her and a couple others; said got first signature of dust

        from 4th flr apartment in Manhattan; thermate in dust; only one group of controlled demolition experts

        have this and they are the Golden Boys




Leading 9/11 activist in the world today, is the author of TRUTH JIHAD, co-editor of 9/11 AND AMERICAN EMPIER, and the founder of MUJCA-NET, a society that brings together Christians, Muslims, and Jews in pursuit of the truth about 9/11. 


Important to observe language being used in our discourse about 9/11

Science using empirical evidence

NEOCON:  science of enmity; Wolfowitz one of primary followers

Suggests we use science of generosity and conviviality, which includes open dialogue; will not be able

         to storm White House with pitch forks

How to join:  by having a good time, here in Madison monthly 9-11 gatherings hosted to draw in new

         people; [I have difficulty with this idea of somehow making this fun; feels like it denigrates the

         immensity and importance of this issue…]

No Arabic taught at  U.W. Whitewater this past year because other two candidates pulled out and they still

         wouldn’t hire K, even though he was the one with highest qualifications in the first place

Highly recommends:  COUP DETAT (sp?):  Practical Handbook; explains how they are taught;

        Leo Strauss:  hated democracy; training students to get ready to overthrow democracy; ’68 produced

        perfect recipe for 9-11; will have to be done to people who are soft over time; coup in Venezuela did

        NOT work because people didn’t get soft within their democracy; Strauss didn’t suggest a revolution

        but making  sure LOTS put  secretly put  in place, avoiding bloodshed because that inspires resistance;

        get people to acquiesce; make sure people feel isolated; suppress news of resistance; if persist in

        speaking out, bombard with “unlovely phrases”


Internet made it possible to know there are many of us opposing this [Internet in great danger right now, as

         of last week especially; public airwaves being “auctioned”]

Think pre-emptively and strategically


Steven Jones  had partial story; WE NEED A THEORY OF MIXED CAUSATION [I totally agree with





May be the most qualified scientist studying 9/11 in the world.  She holds a B.S. in civil engineering, an M.S. in engineering mechanics, and a PhD in materials engineering science.  A former professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University, Dr. Wood has done pioneering research on the destruction of the WTC and maintains a website at drjudywood.com, whicdh is the most important research website in the 9/11 community.




         denied tenure for being involved with this; extraordinary insights; professor (presentation had huge

         number of pics/video footage to back up her observations)


“This is not the new Pearl Harbor; this is the new Hiroshima”


Think for yourself

Buildings huge;  many others between and around WTC’s


WHERE DID IT/THEY GO?  Not much ever hit the ground; 8 sec. rumble; should have been 9.22 sec.


Cylindrical cutouts found in many places about 24 ft.  in diameter; hole also on Liberty St.; Bankers Trust

       across the street [Ben’s bldg?]; no taller than Bankers Trust [how many stories high is this bldg?]

Impossible to produce enough energy to do what they are saying; ENERGY is the issue


DUST:  nuclear and volcanic comparable to what was all over Manhattan; 2/3 Tower 2;

                    WHERE DID IT GO?


Seismograph:  2.4 earlier in earthquake; doesn’t make nearly as much; #7  was .6 on the Richter Scale and

          also equals a jackhammer; 2.3 and 2.1 were TT’s which is barely over quarry blast; not seismically

          significant enough that it could cause damage to surrounding structures




Later megacranes did damage to “bathtub” which was considered quite fragile, whereas the entire TT

        events did NO damage to it whatsoever plus bases of these two buildings not shattered [Philadelphia

        Experiment; time travel; teleportation????]

“Wheat chex” never hit the ground

CORE columns disappeared before our eyes; from stiff and extremely strong columns TO DUST

World’s record of dust and then rolls up like only allowed to go so far and then UP

20 minutes in Seattle; traveling seaward

T3 but 1 and 2; 22 stories; why still standing?  Two days later nothing left


Lots of buildings disappeared; paper fine between toasted cars


Bldgs 5 & 6 had cutouts, 6  (8  stories and huge) had groups of cutouts and…;


WHAT HAPPENED TO BLDG 4?  Most of it has just been sliced off and is simply GONE; only N. wing

        Remained right afterwards with NO cleanup done whatsoever


Holes in Liberty St. as deep as 60’




Firetrucks seem to have simply lost their windows even when vehicles OK


FUMES coming from ground rubble of Bldg 1 and 7

Plaza had NO dirt before 9-11 events

Coalescing cylindrical holes but walls standing; VERTICAL SHEARS with NO materials; these cylindrical

             cutouts throughout Ground Zero

9/18 pic:  men in basement of Tower 2


You do NOT look for bodies by excavating

Hole 1:  rusty beam, etc.

TOASTED CARS:  lots of  paper in between buildings completely unharmed, unburned; cars instantly rusted within one day [noted that in Truthout today there was an article about release of decades old footage from post Hiroshima, only allowed to be seen in black and white; could that be to mask the instant rusting, perhaps???], 1400 of them; looks like door handles and engines completely removed on many vehicles; paint peeling off cars, plus more than that peeling; fire truck windows blown; pic of car on fire but no paper burning around it;  mentioned Visi (sp?) St. many times; 1 block north of Bldg 7; mentioned W. Broadway many times; red light noted in photo way down the street, amidst complete ruination


Lots of different waves; beams; Tocomas bridge destroyed itself------End of PART I by Dr. Wood…..




Political Science Professor at Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH, earned his PhD from Wayne State University and his J.D. from The Moritz College of Law at Ohio State.  He has published many books, including STAR WARS, WEATHER MODIFICATION, AND  FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE.  An expert on election fraud, he has received many awards for excellence in investigative journalism.  13 books, 13 awards.  [Talked very rapidly so hard to take notes…]


We find out about a decade after the fact

Laser weapons

Drug running black ops

Similar car pics in Panama Deception where lasers were used

Already warned about military-industrial complex, by Eisenhower

Largest budgets in the world:  U.S. military, Russian military, U.S. spy programs

We know there were high tech space weapons technology

Charles Pagelo (sp?):  1100 bodies not recovered; no cadavers; astonishing to EMT’s and ambulance

         drivers;  3000 degrees F. X 3 hrs for cremation and then bones still remain





Fumes  over piles at Bldg 2

Shrivelled beam in Bankers Trust building that noone has explained

Hiroshima wiped out everything

DUST – 2 toned color scheme in smoke

DUSTIFICATION:  started categorizing

      e.g.  coarse dust that settles and then becomes fine dust

              woman talked about a column of dust almost standing still and then going upward

              dark going up and light settling

              fingers of smoke (fumes) above toasted cars

              patches of dust from West-àtoasted cars

              toasting from 2nd bldg down

              very specific stop location on dust; cloud stops at pedestrian walkway, exactly; “cloud chase”

                     pictures shown

WHY so much paper everywhere that is unharmed????

In some areas, cars not only toasted but instantly rusted

NO toasted bodies anywhere [dematerialized?]

(Mr. Branford in many pics…)

White so different from burning


“Fuzzy blobs” (eating, literally eating stuff)

Still in October lots of fumes…


Odd smell description attempt by conference participant who was in Manhattan when this happened:

    painful to the nose; sensual feel; sharp, painful; some component of burning bldg; pushed us in from

               the fire escape of our apt. it was so awful; taped windows closed; used air cleaning devices;

               glands hurt and throat swelled; peaty or musky; got into liquor in that area which she only figured

               out quite some time later when she tasted same liquor that had not been contaminated


Fuzz balls:  rising up; seemed to be then getting to point of rising; gravitational rules do not operate on

        nanoparticles; doesn’t need feet to stir it up


Fuming in Hiroshima…


Constant scrubbing done on streets right after; noone could prevent/stop the fuming

Bucket brigade:  lots of dirt they are standing on; LOTS OF DIRT from as early as the 13th;  dirt seemed

        to stop the fuming

Chemical spills are covered with something to decrease toxicity

Dust monitor

Rain storm on the 14th

T1 rubble pile GREW

5 grapplers moving dirt around by Bldg 1

By the 13th, all new dirt

Dump trucks coming and going all night long

FEMA dirt not  all the way to the top of the trucks, and covered with tarps


WFC 1:  all material around door affected; windows gone only thing

New dirt in; terraces scooped out


Watering down fumes; repeating this over and over

Conference participant brought up this was how Chernobyl surroundings treated after massive

         nuclear accident

Questions asked about picture that LOOKED like molten metal


PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT:  PSYOPS; first impressions stick; you take answer you are given


Molten metal story not backed up; still 8 weeks later fires  allegedly still burning  according to some of those interviewed; thinking some about 2800 degrees; maybe boots instead of melting, disintegrated---MOLECULAR DISSOCIATION; boots COULD NOT HAVE melted; no foot injuries known to have been reported and pics of people literally walking on fires estimated to be up to 2800 degrees.  Simply not possible.  LOTS of fuming explained as molten metal but this doesn’t hold up


Showed video of NYC pipe explosion; fireman did NOT walk in that area; too hot

Fuming rust:  steel that turns to rust; what makes steel rust? 

Chemical plant in China; activated clouds;

Peeling look;

No dust samples taken by toasted areas at all; taken long distance away



   Apparently originated from mechanical floors; fuzzy blobs; 2 different ingredients (light and dark)?;

          smoke rings coming out; no bright flashes; this part really important; air handling system there


 Drove up to MN to see bridge area that was just destroyed a few days ago; layers upon layers of guards;

         ground sopping wet; Asked woman standing guard:  “what are you trying to hide?”:  After getting

         someone’s advice  on her phone, said, “I do not have to answer that question.” ; at least 10 frames

         missing later from original report; heavily patrolled; pedestrian bridges adjacent also closed off; hole

         in roof of one of the vehicles seen; WHY (pic shown to us) [rescue attempt technique, perhaps?]  Fuming.

         And what would cause every section to fail at the  exact same moment?



JERRY LEAPHART, J.D.  (attorney) re. dealings with NIST

Activist civil rights trial lawyer and a bar member in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  He has more than 33 years experience as a lawyer in both domestic and international areas.  He was the moving force behind the use of the Data Quality Act to submit Request for Correction to the NIST, which may lead to shattering the 9/11 cover-up.


Data quality act:  anyone who has any dealing or involvement who issues regulation must do so in a way

       that adheres to certain quality standards

NIST was asked at end of ’02 to come up with report re. 9-11 and finally did in Oct., ’05, but only a report

       up  “to the point of collapse initiation”; nothing whatsoever about anything after that; nothing yet

       issued about Bldg 7 [or any of the others…]; now has said maybe by the end of ’07; definitely playing

       for time  [for what to happen????]

People have the right to submit requests for correction to reports coming from NIST

NIST report left out virtually every element that Judy Wood just presented; they didn’t really do an explanation

The representatives chosen to do this NIST report are from two groups:

   SAIC (Science Applications Internation Corp) based in San Diego; at one point contracted to take over

             media coverage in Iraq but then lost contract because didn’t do job “well enough”; responsible for

             development of PSYOPS plus; had most people in top 10 contractors in Defense Dept.

   ARA (Applied Research Associates Inc.);

   Somewhere Directed Energy Directorate headed by Susan Thornton fits in here and they design/build

         directed energy weaponry


False Claims Act

KETAM cases: can be filed on behalf of government of U.S.:  U.S. has been defrauded by someone who

         did business with U.S. government; if relator successful, then accused must give money back plus pay

         very stiff penalty; original source doctrine is obstacle; JW and MR:  “false and fraudulent”

Used most often in health care field

Came to this through his background; ’80 introduction to space law; treaty; idea is to prevent abuse; wrote

        an article titled “An Introduction to Space Law”; under U.N. treaty; important because there

        sensitivity as well as complexity of technology involved; he attempted to keep less developed

        countries involved

Directed Energy Professional Society (“Rosetta Stone”) from ’99; booklets put out but none after ’02;

         directed energy weapons in space; deployed in high Earth atmosphere and many  other areas


Shiva at Livermoore is laser for HAARP, someone said from audience (probably Leuren)


“We seek only information in the public domain”


Clay Johnson:  extremely powerful in W regime re. security clearance; you do not expect it to say certain



Problem not too big for all of us working together but too big for any one of us



7/27 response to Judy Wood:  she had enough info to put it on the line with NIST [note this same date

               under Webre’s talk re. Executive Directive that I have not found one iota of info on in any of my

               sources since then…]


Within 9-11 Truth movement, he thinks of different factions as different tribes

      Thermite, pod, directed energy, Pentagon, “no planes”

Contradiction but no rebuttal to Wood’s letter

Morgan Reynolds has filed a KETAM case




Former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project, earned his B.S. in physics at Western Illinois and his M.S. and PhD in Physics and technology education at the University of Illinois.  He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental science, environmental engineering, nuclear physics, and emergency management, and served as a staff physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for 19 years.  His military career spanned four decades, including combat duty in Vietnam and Gulf War I.



    TACTICAL:  to kill and destroy; soldier DOES NOT care; totally unconscious about getting wounded, 

                          killed or ill; highest high you are ever going to get is to kill and destroy;  it’s  real simple

    STRATEGY:  control

You are going to come back changed, either WIA, KIA, or diseased or other nonbattle injuries

         (70-95% come back and this is their status eventually…)

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs:

   ’90 through end of May ’07:

         Conflict of Desert Storm

              696,842 participated; 620,000 still alive; 280,000 have applied for permanent disability; 31,000

                  got nothing; 40,000 claims pending

    You only hear about the KIA; 40,000 denied services (from now?)

    Chuck Horner and Cheney blew up stockpiles of chemical/biological weapons (see BEYOND

            TREASON DVD)

 More than 50% 9-11 rescue police and fire sick and dying


We blew up WTC; definite explosions; definite plane in there


Operation Iraqi Freedom planned since ’95; ’98-àAfghanistan; Pakistan planned


We do not care about welfare of others; we do not include reality of war

In 9-11 Commission Report p. 313:  bogus pic of Pentagon

                                                  336:  (didn’t catch what he said about this)

Kept repeating, “REALITY IS…”


One of the DU cleanups that he oversaw:  3 men died doing the cleanup

’94:  called back again to active duty to evaluate DU; says flash: DU munition site; dust REsuspended;

Iraq DU has gone around the Earth; kills and destroys everything; “absolutely awesome”

PA and Pentagon never happened

Karen Parker great person in U.N.

Contaminated in NYC for miles around in apartments; NYC toxic wasteland; confirmed by EPA



All U.S. military totally disregard environmental laws in all countries even though he and his group


          wrote the book on the laws that the military were to abide by here and in other countries


Mandated help required for military with health issues  in first 24 hours and nothing done about this to-date


40% disability = about $500/month and lots of military on this approximate amount of help


Director of Bradley Lab called again and asked that he serve to evaluate Native American lands; (McCoy one of the places he’s been);  Republican/Democrat doesn’t matter at all; Council on Foreign Relations involved; all the things he’s  been hired to help list and “THEY ARE NOT DOING IT!”

Proceeded to list a huge number of places, going backwards, to show how crooked the military is and how basic the motivations are.  Said Gulf of Tonkin definitely didn’t happen at all.


Thinks he knows who did 9-11 plans and explosion set up and says he very well may have trained

         them; Golden Boys likely, according to conversation in conference

        Said there have been microwave ray guns and laser guns being used for years




An independent radiation specialist, has worked in 46 countries as a professional geo-scientist.  An expert witness on DU weaponry at the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan in Tokyo in 2003, she was recently appointed an expert witness on DU weaponry for the Canadian Parliament.  She has published on exotic weapons, including HAARP, weather modification, tectonic warfare, mind control, 4th generation nuclear weapons, and scientific issues related to 9/11.  She also received a University of California President’s Mentoring Fellowship in the Sciences during her PhD research on atmospheric dusts and the history of the Earth’s magnetic field.


2 nuclear weapons labs she worked in; 89-91 Livermore lab; became whistleblower; survived the Silkwood

        experience; those involved with nuclear facilities and weapons the deepest against life force in all

        living things

Gandhi:  greatness lies in being able to remake ourselves

’91 coverup:  DU coverup since then

8000 concentration camps already [not sure whether she meant in U.S. or globally]; listing available online;

           largest one in Alaska

Key piece of equipment:  Geiger counter

9-11 interest/concern  much greater in other countries and so is easier to get media coverage there



Bombing and gunnery ranges being sold for $1 to developers and then huge donations to Republicans

DU ballast in every commercial plane


’57-’63 all contamination in U.S.


Loads of Hawaiians have ended up homeless

Geiger counters plugged into computers there;  testing around ranges and in atomic bombs; contamination

              huge problem and the Hawaiians are outraged

2000:  Hiroshima:  Jeannette Sherman;

Southern San Francisco:  black community dying; Geiger counter 810 times higher than safe

Pentagon is Achilles Heel of 9-11:  nothing can happen there without complicity of those inside; like

           cruise missile what ultimately hit Pentagon and each cruise missile contains DU

Purpose of 9-11:  establish domestic police state in U.S.

Oliver North activities dry run for 9-11


Concentration camps and torture chambers already set up; many built by Haliburton; HUGE one in

     Alaska and supposedly the one for “mental” conditions; in Canada the concentration camps are on the

     Indian reservations

Patriot Act’

Homeland Security

Northern Command to be set up

Since ’91 and DU, disability rate greater than 55% [not sure whether this is for military or everyone in this


Noone comes back UNcomtaminated [I have felt and been saying this now for several years but mostly

          this  falls on deaf ears…]; people coming back getting cancer within 2-6 months; ionizing radiation

          hugely more contaminating than meds;

          ’03:  87,590 chronic illnesses

Since ’91 we have unloaded DU the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki nuclear bombs onto Iraq (at this

         point,  Doug Rokke again came forward and dictated off an astounding list of quantities of DU

        disseminated  across the world, as he had been called back into active duty to evaluate this and as I

        understand it from someone who knows him, suffers from the effects of same…]

Diabetes has incr. by 136% since ’91 [question whether that is direct result of DU or other factors…]

Agent Orange meant to be depopulation chemical for Vietnam

’74:  Kissinger:  DEPOPULATION should be highest piority for/toward 3rd world countries, even higher

              priority than our nuclear program

GLOBAL 2000:  initiated by Carter:  DU depopulation program

Incredible doses:  Iraq permanent contamination for next 4.5 billion years; dirt exchanges supposed to be

         done but never were…

After ’45, increased cancer, heart problems, etc.; huge incr. began in ’91 [if I remember correctly, that’s

         when huge incr. in autism began also…]

THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!  [Wondering if this is partly because it is not being allowed into space, the

          radioactive material?  Not allowed by inhabitants of other places in space; much evidence exists

          where this is documented…]


If it’s epidemic, it’s not genetic!!!!


NSA, CIA, DIA, NIMA, DOJ, FEMA, local and state law enforcement

Pentagon exists for oil

9-11 to justify military presence in central Asia, presence in Afghanistan for the uranium mining industry;

         Canada 30% uranium; Queen of England owns ALL rights to uranium in CN and Australia;

         Rothschilds own the banking industry (pretty sure this is correct)


Plan is 75% depopulation for other countries; diabetes rates very high in Pakistan and India

Knighted by the Queen of England:

   Alan Greenspan, George HW Bush, General Schwarzkopf (sp?), Wesley Clarke, Colin Powell




Author of EXOPOLITICS:  POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE [one of the finest books on this topic of extraterrestrial concerns/perspectives I’ve ever read; it is extraordinary and a sign of the seriousness of the situation in the world right now that he came to speak at this conference…] (Universebooks.com), a book that helped found the field of Exopolitics – the science of relations between human society and advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe.  Alfred is International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), dedicated to preventing the weaponization of space; transforming the permanent war economy into a peaceful, sustainable New Energy-based, Space Age society, and supporting



 cooperation amongst Life in the Universe.   Alfred is a member of the Pro Tem Committee for the Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal.  http://www.exopoliticsradio.com



9-11 and international war crimes racketeering organization-àoil and uranium reserves


Final stages of world depopulation policy; intentional depopulation and genocide-àdecr. Human population; intend to result in mineral, water and money NEW WORLD ORDER


’54:  international racket; North America:  Brotherhood of Death i.e. Skull and Bones at Yale; Webre

         also member of Torch and Talon at same Yale  but this was not same as Skull and Bones

        Skull and Bones dedicated to perpetual war/death:  initial chapter 1832; clipper ships-àopium

            which  led to initial fusion of drug smuggling and military/government

        Another leg:  Satanic ritualistic celebrations; House of Windsor starting with Queen; head of Canadian

              media; Rothschilds

        London:  private sovereign state called City of London within London; headed by the Bank of

             England; even the Queen must request permission to enter the City of London

        Depopulation policy follows from City of London plus ….$; Afghanistan and Iraq connected to City

                of London;  U.S. and Canada puppets of City of London


      Exotic technology to incr. death (with intentional nuclear radiation, for one) down to 500 million

                                                      e.g. cancer, diabetes, chronic diseases, mitochondrial diseases,

                                                             Alzheimers,  infertility, autism, many others, etc.


                                       decr. Birth (incl. very low birth weight babies)   -à WW III-

                                                                                                                      àpermanent war economy


      9-11 one of a series of major planned global false flag operations


      Carol Rosen, Alfred’s co-director, says von Braun foretold 9-11 [those of you in SKYVUE group may

              recall seeing her in DISCLOSURE PROJECT video we watched together…], to be followed by

              war against the asteroids, to be followed by war against the evil ET’s (one of Mr. Webre’s

              motivations for beginning the field of exopolitics is to help counter this madness…)


U.S. has highest index of mental illness in the world with 26% having mental illness diagnosis; likely due

          to the effect of all the Nevada testing; other:  bioweapons, Avian flu, AIDS (focused mostly on

         Africa and southern India to get mineral resources, vaccines laced with AIDS (from Ft. Detrick)


Then there’s HAARP (being used to accelerate global warming on Earth, on purpose) , chemtrails,

       Gore  (he’s a Rothschild) and not telling us that what we’re experiencing is actually part of a

       26,000 year cycle and that this is a galactic happening, not just something on Earth caused by all

       the dastardly and wasteful humans


U.S. recently claimed NW Passage, Russia has claimed the South Pole


MARTIAL LAW DEPOPULATION MATRIX:  first time revealed in U.S. tonight


   Alfred left mid 80’s to service the U.S.; now in place for abolition, relocation, depopulation, taking over of

       property, activated by 9-11 style possibly using nuclear biological attack on major city.  A group of

       them in CN sued PM to stop NAFTA and GW Bush



Blackwater now walks the streets of N.O. with complete license to kill [wonder if they’re part of the armament

              guarding the bridge area in MN…]


Cataclysm of Andreas fault as earthquake planned


7/27/07 plus controlled demolition and directed energy weapon and this all timed


[MN bridge????]


Political State Road Map:  both U.S. and Parliament may suspend all parliamentary procedure; war on

        terror expected to go on forever;  terror:  military law; surrender rights to property; New World Order;

        police state for preparation for depopulation process


Entrance to concentration camps during Holocaust:  “WORK MAKES YOU FREE”



NORTH AMERICAN UNION 3/25/05---legal matrix of martial law

8/20-21/07:  final meeting; U.S. army in 25 mi. perimeter around this meeting

HAARP:  permanent narcosis

Military Commission Act:  U.S. citizen can be declared a terrorist

7/17/07:  Blocking property now lawful toward anyone fighting war in Iraq or supporting anyone fighting

                     the war in Iraq

(People are being arrested for wearing peace Tshirts

’45:  offensive wars are war crimes; outlawed; this is what U.S. doing all over the place


9-11:  GENOCIDAL; war crime; crime against humanity; part of planning included DU in

          Afghanistan;  Nixon helped with preparation of 9-11



  1. Citizens war crimes justice movement, like the tribunal in Kwala Lumpur (sp?)

                    Transform beyond petrol, nuclear energy and permanent warfare

                     NATURAL law is the underlying force behind all our laws that need to be enforced 


                     Restorative justice


  1. STOP depopulation, genocide, HAARP, and chemical destruction


  1. Transform Energy

                $1.5 Trillion spent in black ops; already here

                Event Zero

                Truth amnesty must be put in place for those who have participated in this is they come

                         forward; people now ready to come forth



  1. Transform permanent war economy; Pres. Of Ecuador wants to kick out World Bank

178-1       178-1  ’06:  to ban all weapons in space

                    Nurture the body politic; infuse vital energy

                    Become personally involved; they want to cancel election

                    More than 550 thousand  elected officials; work for a candidate

                    Seek removal of Pres. And VP through impeachment or criminal charges because of 9-11



       Publicize depopulation, relocation, incarceration and stealing of property and attack laws


       7/27/07:  Everything cancelled:  executive and other branches of government (I have NOT yet

                              been able to verify this anywhere, which does NOT make this untrue!!!!)


       Create resistance!!!!


Doug Rokke came forward to microphone, speaking very quickly…


Project SHAD:  U.S. citizens biological and chemical poisoning

                                       e.g. Salmonella in peanut butter

                                               E coli in lettuce/spinach


Patriot Act:  see #39 and 62:  Clinton and Gore (not sure what he meant; speaking very rapidly)


Congress CANNOT override Presidential Directives


This is nonpartisan, folks.  Pres. could be court martialled; Bob Bowman agrees; doable; single

            active duty officer required; as many military as possible must come forward



Cindy Sheehan with William Rodriguez 8-17 (not sure where)


New DOD hotline:  anyone believing they have been experimented on can call this hotline for help within

               72 hours; many, many humans have been experimented on; casualties continue to mount; civilians

                can call this number as well


 Doug Rokke et al getting a lot of people fired; he fired off a lengthy list of people, many names of which

          have been seen in news coming through my emails, and others


Carl Pearson:  new government … ballot (not sure what this is about)

       9-11 investigation plus health care

Spoken by Loren Moret who used to work there:  Livermore’s utility bill is $1 Million/month






Economics Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University and former Chief Economist in the Department of Labor in the Bush Administraton, he has also served as Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the national Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, TX.  The author of six books, he has taken a leading role in studies that support the conclusion that no big planes crashed on 9/11.  He has a website at nomoregames.net


People have said to me, re. this, “Morgan, don’t go there”, so that’s exactly where I want to go.

       i.e into the suspension of Newtonian Physics on 9/11

Horrific nature of these crimes

They must be stopped; convictions necessary; we are in the prosecutorial role; we have to get it right; you

          can only truly prove a truth

Only one fact required but we have dozens


Media complicit in this; enforcement arm of powers that be


        FOX news called it as to who did it within 45 seconds after attack

Many problems; no Arab names on airline lists; 10 hijackers still alive; took United  4 yrs to dereg (??), etc.


PENTAGON:  hole simply too small for even small plane to have gotten through

                  Physics of it impossible, re. plane getting there

                  Lots of problems

                   “Wing mark” on one pic

SHANKSVILLE:  no plane; long list of problems with that story; there was no Flight 93; hole where plane

         allegedly crashed way too small for crash of huge plane; lots of reasons this story simply doesn’t hold



No plane crash at WTC:  considered taboo subject because people defend, saying, “Well, I saw it on TV!”

    No plane debris except some that was obviously planted and didn’t match up with what allegedly hit

    WTC; airliner cannot simply just disappear; alleged plane was 159 ft. long; greater than ¾ the length

     of….??? (WTC, perhaps???); 3/16” aluminum (??I think that’s right); every video FAKE; steel no

     resistance?????; NO plane crash; plane absorbs/melts into building; building heals it up; impossible



Showed us lots of pics of damage to planes with spills on runways, hitting/penetrating buildings at very slow speed with lots of damage to plane, bird strikes and the damage that does, etc.


Repeated many times about Newton’s 3rd Law:  equal and opposite actions; stated that plane against

        building would be like throwing  full ; beer can against a wall; it would NOT melt into wall; would be

        crushed or splattered; plane about 5% strength of WTC;

Straw in a tree another defense for how this could have happened; discussed at length and decided, all

         things considered, that this was inappropriate comparison most esp. re. wind power differences in two



NO official crash reports on ANY of the planes



   KISS:  might miss; the stand down would be an issue; knew physics impossiblity; Muslims required;

                      had to convince world and become a distraction; media control huge part of this; scientific

                      lapdogs of government may NOT talk about this; forbidden

Dave von Kleist came up, quite upset, (has put out two DVD’s about his own investigation points about 9-11;

         excellent) and challenged Morgan’s stand:   response from Morgan was that most of the plane simply

         could  not  get inside the building as shown on video footage shown; brought aluminum pipe and sledge

         hammer to make it more realistic how fragile planes really are

Rosalee, from audience, stated at this point that two planes landed at an underground base

WHO bigger than HOW…


Remember Newton’s 3rd Law:  there is always an equal and opposite reaction,  and expert opinion that can be purchased for both sides, as stated by the attorney Jim from before.  Concern brought up about lack of “chain of evidence”

Keep distinction

Video fakery has more substantiation




A music composer and producer, is currently the co-composer for “American Dragster” on ESPN and has also been the composer for independent feature films, such as “Mohave Phone Booth”,  winner of


multiple film festival awards and scheduled for SHOWTIME.  In scoring for film and television, Ace works with digital video on a daily basis.  He recently completed a study of television film fakery involving the hit on the South Tower, which is entitled, “Chopper 5 Composite”.


Entertainment is story telling; good guys, bad guys, conflict with high stakes, universality of intense fear of

          death; NOTICE truth is not part of the equation

 Wrote paper on his theory/findings re. video fakery and 9-11 and now, since some specific criticisms have

            come forth, ALL doubt as to the correctness of his theory is gone

Sang a song for us about 9-11 and dedicated it to Jim Fetzer about how did you feel that day, using his own

         words, “what we saw as one”

         Line in there about believing our lying eyes…

Two sides: highly creative and highly detailed and specific [both sides of brain]; he sees himself as a bridge

           between these two necessary elements of composing, betw. creative and technical

Good deal:  stuff that you know but just cannot prove; seems like guy who put Bflat where he did “cuz it

           feels right to put it there”

Adaptability necessary


 FACT:  Almost impossible to get good shot of really tall building; “I love video fakery”


One thing I learned:  camera motion spoils the show; will be dead giveaway that it’s fake; proving not real

            done through showing  that background quality different than foreground

If quality better, motion or shots moving

Crucial:  where is the camera?  If Background has camera, movement motion; do not match

Camera always affects what you see and must affect  entire frame

Thought Jim Hoffman good and thought plane real [not sure what he meant here…]

Writing for Morgan Reynolds’ website;  MR brought question to him:  what planes?

Force paradox idea

Chopper 7 plane:  telling you what you think you saw and who did it

Plane slips behind WTC building; frame missing; seems to slip through; if zoom back, NO plane visible

Song:  Still Diggin’; trying to figure out where planes are in reality; looking at different pics; geometry

           research could be really fruitful; very interesting; September Clues nice set of videos


One video something cut out sound continuous; What hit was what got cut out

Pixel bleed problem should be looked into

Identical twins replay of  WTC with plane (NBC); put them side by side and background completely

            missing from one!!! And something coming from above was left out and tack (attack???) subject i.e.

            plane  inserted


17 second delay:  news media officials said this; (“Army PSYOPS”)


Real planes leave real evidence


Tried to put my mind into the mind of the perpetrator; ***going handheld would spoil the show; have to use helicopters plus go for getting exactly where want to be; ***but they cannot hold still; will be unstable; how to make all motions the same big question


First look at what WAS done with video:  2 videos composite identical shots plus 1 frame missing in each;

   None of live video show planes hitting towers; argument from audience and he said, firmly, NO, you

   didn’t see a plane hit the tower; those videos came the next day; human mind fills in missing detail


So, still trying to solve chopper movement…


Sensors inside base of camera like have in sports e.g. First Down technology that shows lines on football

        field; found out won’t work inside choppers; must be on terra firma to work; this was moment of

        epiphany for me; THIS IS A PROBLEM THEY CANNOT SOLVE

You do not know what camera motion going to be; so stand staying on exactly what we see; loss of real

            plane  smooth; any changes in speed must be gradual

Camera:  29.97 shot/sec.; distance must be the same in every frame; stepping in regular intervals; velocity

              never varies greater than 1 pixel

Then shakey camera moving camera around and this affects velocity; then stabilizing every frame

*** line straight after stabilizing every frame [absolutely marvelous teacher we are witnessing here]

Then went to Chopper 5 and its very unstable

After stabilizing, something very strange happens…

*****;Plane became more unstable; background doesn’t match the plane


Watch video of real planes and work on special channel and move it any way they want and take as long as

          they need to

Why didn’t they make it stable?

***You cannot get perfectly stable plane shot from a helicopter


A lot of people cannot look at 9-11; we need to remember that


Who watches over the watcher?  News media supposed to watch over the watcher

So, WHO’S LEFT?  Maybe time to resign to police state?


9-11 PREDOMINANTLY PSYOP; most importantly is what’s in your mind; in YOUR mind; KEYS

       to unlock your prison and this whole stinking mess; THIS IS HELD TOGETHER WITH A SET






[THIS PRESENTATION WAS PROFOUND AND STUNNING.  I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. After the conference was over, I went over to him and asked him a couple of simple questions, whereupon, he sat right down and proceeded to teach and show a few of us, over and over, detail after detail of how he figures this all out.  There is greatness in this man of the highest order.  It wasn’t only in his intellectual brilliance, his ability to empathize, but his demeanor.  Extremely evolved being]


Following this presentation, Jim Fetzer gave an impassioned response/affirmation about this man, Ace Baker, 

          and his absolutely brilliant presentation to us.

Jim spoke of investigating the JFK assassination in ’92 (JFK shot 4 times and Connelly more than 3 times, in

        actuality) and what he went through and said that this journey, the investigation of 9-11, is also going after

        the truth; stated Ace was both objective and scientific and absolutely brilliant; stated that there is now

        overwhelming evidence that he is right; stated that WE MUST TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY and

        acknowledged that this idea that THERE WERE ACTUALLY NO PLANES has caused some very serious

        rifts within the 9/11 Truth investigation and that all of us must remember what we are after---the truth here. 

        9/11 is a massive betrayal of LIFE...


Doyle:  when you have eliminated the impossible, what you have is the truth.  “YOU WERE HERE.”


Group statements:


Further down the rabbit hole



             challenge the things that are now seen as true


Someone brought up the point that AIG (I don’t know what that is) had to pay back tons of $$$ for insider

           Trading right before 9/11

Silverstein cognitive dissonance, had been told they had to handle the asbestos problem in the WTC

Scientific reasoning:  available; objective scientific investigation needed of ALL of this

Woman from Turkey: reminded us of the urgency of taking action here; Gaza people marked for

        extermination; starving into submission; destroying the very social contract there; this began 9-12-01;

        banks no longer allowed to take money for this cause but Western Union so far still can; please send

        money to help these people

PhD physicist stepped forward:  “why didn’t I see this, the molecular dissociation”?  Spoke of her long study

         of health effects of electromagnetic microwave-àDOD doesn’t want public to know about health

         effect of this; John McGlocklin (sp?) ’57 and ’62:  death from exposure to microwave radiation; 

         radar important in WW II; ionizing radiation; Laws of Physics; might have used what’s called a maser

         which is damaging to the human; invented before the  laser

Leuren Moret:  most important thing :  she and Webre went to the Kwala Lumpur Conference

Barbara Honegger:  overview, bottom line for her:  Occam’s razor i.e. KISS

1.       1.    all  we really KNOW is explosions at Pentagon--- >collapse…….and………

2.       2.     explosions at WTCs-àcollapse……and…….

3.       3.     thermate in dust samples


DR. WOOD:  KISS:  plane cannot make cookie cutter holes like we saw in so many places

ROSALIE:  FCS to geoposition; first one to realize no planes; being first to figure this out has cost me 5 yrs

           of hell; companies on list now changing their names

DAVE VON KLEIST:  we all have the right to be wrong; 2 people could be wrong; leave ego and pride out

         of equation [he seems to express need for wrong and right instead of MANY perhaps being correct i.e.

         multiple causation, which I strongly tend toward…don’t see how it can be otherwise…would be

         immensely effective in keeping people fighting over facts for years, decades…]

Someone brought up again---The Plane:  where is it?

Rosalee said:  the plane was cancelled a week in advance (not sure which one she was referring to here…)


CLOSING:  Jim Marrs:  author of many books, most recent one titled THE TERROR CONSPIRACY

Once idea Russians or Cubans killed JFK; kept us confused; all of the above was the truth:  OPERATION


Trouble wrapping mind around NO PLANES but willing to consider it

Go for things we can all agree on


Media totally controlled at this point---they control distribution of information

Money, prestige and perks very strong hold

Go to local people

Borders WIDE open right now

Follow the $$$$$

WTC:  huge profit in this event:  6 wks before 9-11 Silverstein got a 99 yr. lease; paid $124 M as

      Downpayment and got back from insurance companies several Billion; Bush brother in charge of

      Security; Insurance companies owned by Bilderberger people





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