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Not Happy, Jeff



Dear Jeff Rense, 

You recently published my article linking the youtube video of me questioning Amy Goodman about WTC-7. Unfortunately you published it with an objectionable headline and introduction, in a format that suggests that I am labeling Amy a “Zionist gatekeeper” and a “mole.” Here is the beginning of the article: 

Zionist Gatekeeper AmyGoodman Questioned On WTC-7

By Kevin Barrett10-1-7

She has always been a mole.

If you bother to write her (FOR NOTHING), include this image below. Bottom, right of Center, zio-mole Goodman. Of her fans, how many are also actually zio-moles? 

Note that I did not write a single word of this, yet it says “By Kevin Barrett.” Those unfamiliar with your format will assume I wrote it, and I will have to spend precious hours answering emails and phone calls and trying to straighten out the misinformation. I have had to do this on dozens of other occasions when false information about me was published, and I am starting to get sick of it. Probably one of the reasons I became the target of the “get the 9/11 professors” campaign is that unlike the tenured and retired professors I am supporting a family way below the poverty line and don’t have the resources to hire lawyers and fight back when I am defamed. The result is that there is a massive amount of defamatory information about me floating around, and very little I can do to make it go away. 

While you certainly have the right to speculate on Amy’s motivations for refusing to report the story of the century, you do not have the right to publish my work without permission, add an objectionable headline and introduction, and put my name on them. 

What makes this situation especially annoying is that you have a history of mixing principled anti-Zionist articles (nothing wrong with that) with occasional bigoted anti-Jewish stuff. This discredits anti-Zionism and attracts the wrong kind of readers. Every time you link one of my articles, I get hate mail, and once even a death threat, for “selling out the white race” by refusing to blame everything on “the Jews.” This tendency to demonize whole religious and ethnic groups, whether Jews or Muslims or who knows what next, is unacceptable. 

Dr. Kevin Barrett 

Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth 


Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie  


9/11 & American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out 

Dear Kevin, 

You are wise in following Bob Bowman's advice about Amy Goodman.  Your continuing credibility not only with Amy but with people you want to reach generally is very important to the 9/11 truth movement because you are one of its most prominent and effective leaders. 

Rense's false attribution to you of a bigoted attack on Amy Goodman and her listeners, can significantly damage your reputation with people you want to reach.  So, it is very important that this be promptly retracted and explained.  If not immediately corrected as you ask, it might (theoretically) be legally actionable.  Also, consider writing a short letter for posting by Rense to restore your credibility. 

It is regrettable that Rense publishes this kind of stuff, because he is getting out important information about 9/11 truth, Israel and other subjects censored by corporate media, and this generally detracts from his credibility with people who might otherwise be open to what he says.  As a further example of his bad journalistic judgment, I am forwarding to you a recent email complaint I sent him about an article revealing Nancy Pelosi's alleged Jewish genes. 


Begin forwarded message:

From: Ron Rattner 

Date: August 5, 2007 12:11:36 AM PDT


Subject: Pelosi is a sell out 

I have been accessing your site for many years because you post valuable information that I don't find elsewhere.  And I have appreciated what you do. 

Eg.  I have often read with interest postings  about AIPAC, the USS Liberty, and the Israeli government, and similar subjects, which are censored on mainstream sites. 

But, tonight you posted an article about Nancy Pelosi's alleged Jewish genes which is a disgusting example of outrageously blatant bigotry, with no redeeming or journalistic value whatsoever. 

That bigoted posting tells me much more about you, than Pelosi.  Shame on you!!!  Take it off, and use some journalistic discretion before emulating Hitler and blaming all the world's problems on people with allegedly Jewish genes -- like Jesus. 

Ron Rattner, retired attorney

San Francisco 

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