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Department of Homeland Lies

Who is Michael Chertoff?



Purdue's Accomplices to High Treason and Mass Murder:

Their Photos and Phone Numbers 

I am told that the University of Wisconsin Engineering program lost more than half a million dollars in alumni contributions and perhaps more in government funding due to the University's decision not to fire me last year. 

But de-funding the university wasn't their only anti-truth weapon. Conservative Alerts and other neocons urged their brain-dead blackshirt brigades to harass me and the University. The result was a flurry of ugly, often hilarious hate-mail and telephone threats. Some of it has to be seen to be believed: and 

Now it's time for those of us who oppose high treason and mass murder put some pressure on the academic prostitutes, like the Purdue team pictured below. If the traitors and mass murdering scumbags make us pay a price for telling the truth, I say let's make THEM pay an even higher price for their complicity in high treason and mass murder. 

Scroll down. See those photos? Got those phone numbers? Good. 

Get in their faces and stay in their faces. Tell them what you think of them. Then tell them again. And again. 

No rest for the wicked. 


What follows is a letter from a colleague to the lead “researcher” at Purdue University who manufactured the piece of tripe that attempted to explain the collapse of the Twin Towers through tortured and artful computer modeling. And what was Purdue’s payoff for this criminal effort? [Let’s not forget this constitutes an effort to cover up a mass murder.] The university has now been included in the Michael Chertoff Department of Homeland Security “Center of Excellence”, which entitles this pathetic institution to the multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded programs associated with this inclusion. This bogus project was also funded by The National Science Foundation, a bunch of Bush appointees who sit around deciding who gets funds to do "research" that suits their assorted nefarious causes. 

Given their agenda, it’s hardly surprising these “researchers” found that a cubicle-sized amount of kerosene can simultaneously explode outside the building, while also pouring down the 90 flights of stairs to melt 3-ft-wide box-section steel columns. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe how much these murderers sneer at our intellect as they flaunt their criminality in our faces. The piece is so weak, it’s such a monumental, indescribable farce, that we should make note of the AP "reporter's" name, Steve Herman, so we can always be aware when a liar is talking to us in print. Next, we should contact every single member of Purdue’s ersatz “research” team (see contact info and photos below) and tell these unscrupulous guns-for-hire masquerading as academics how much we appreciate their efforts. 

NB: Benjamin Chertoff, the other paid gun at Popular Mechanics magazine who wrote the hit piece that attempted in vain to distort the FACTS about 9/11, is a cousin of Michael Chertoff. Surely you aren’t surprised?

Purdue's inclusion in the Michael Chertoff Department of Homeland Security "Centers of Excellence" (THREE QUESTION AREAS)


Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:00 PM

Purdue's inclusion in the Michael Chertoff Department of Homeland Security "Centers of Excellence" (THREE QUESTION AREAS)

Mr. Ayhan Irfanoglu: 

Thank you so much for your recent interjections into the "research" about September 11, 2001 as such relates to the events in my hometown of New York City.  I can assure you with-certainty that your work will prove VERY useful to the ongoing research efforts by those of us not paid to do so; doing so ONLY for the purposes of exposing the truth. Alternatively, your interjections are completely expected in the context of Purdue's inclusion in the Michael Chertoff Department of Homeland Security "Center of Excellence," and “the multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded programs associated with that inclusion. 

(1) In the following link here, you are quoted:

"We design structures with some extra capacity to cover some uncertainties, but we never anticipate such heavy demand coming from an aircraft impact. If the columns were distributed, maybe, the fire could not take them out so easily."  

Given the fact that you did not design ANY aspect of the WTC building complex, I am confused by your choice of words.  

But just so we are clear, you are stating, as a member of the civil engineering professorial staff at a DHS "Center of Excellence" university, that skyscrapers designed in the 1970's for locations such as New York City where not-one not-two but-THREE major airports are within SIGHT of the building location; these skyscraper structural designs did NOT consider "an aircraft impact."  Is that your true and accurate assessment of civil engineering design status for the World Trade Center sir? In case I am not being clear, let me qualify this present inquiry by saying that this is a yes-or-no question, and I would appreciate just a simple 'yes' or a simple 'no' response. 

To assist in your response to my first question please note the quotes below: 

"The building was designed to have a fully-loaded 707 crash into it; that was the largest plane at that time.  I believe that that building could sustain multiple impacts."

Mr. Frank A. DeMartina, WTC Construction Project Manager 

"The airplane we were envisioning was the largest airplane of its time. We designed the buildings to take the impact of the Boeing 707 hitting the building at any location.

Mr. Les Robertson, Head of WTC Structural Engineering Group.

 (2) Pasted below are video stills of a woman standing in,
as alleged in reports such as yours, a hole made by American Airlines Flight 11 which allegedly used a standard Boeing 767 passenger jet. 

This woman has been identified as Ms. Edna Cintron. In the context of the "raging inferno" that you have alleged, and you have alleged to have melted thousands-of-tons of structural steel at the WTC, what portion of the computer simulation, that you and your colleagues recently interjected into the public domain, considers and explains in-detail the fact that not even Ms. Cintron's long beautiful hair was cinged? I ask this question of you in the very specific context of your statements regarding "fire proofing" since it is clear that Ms. Cintron's hair was not "fireproofed." Hair will begin to cinge at roughly 600 degrees; well within the range of jet fuel. Alternatively, if your inputs to the computer simulation did not consider the survival of Ms. Cintron please review/revise that portion of the algorithym that would address this well-known EVIDENCE of very LOW temperatures present at WTC-1 post impact, etc. This is important since WTC-1 collapsed symmetrically (and at free-fall speed) approximately 15 minutes after this Cintron video was recorded. Regarding that latter point, does the time-temperature curves of your simulation accurately portray this VERY brief heat transfer time? 

(3) The final question area involves the attached NOAA satellite photograph of September 23, 2001. What portion of your computer simulation was able to account for the startling fact that ONLY the buildings owned/leased by Mr. Larry Silverstein and as-such only those buildings covered by a "terrorist acts" insurance clause collapsed? I ask this in the context of your allegation that lack of fireproofing was the key input to your simulation. 

Please respond with a "reply all." I intend to follow-up with you by telephone very shortly. Thank you in-advance for your response. 

Paul Sheridan



Purdue Research Contributors Pictured Below:


Ayhan Irfanoglu

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

(765) 496-8270 


Mete A. Sozen

Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering

(765) 494-2186 

Christoph M. Hoffmann

Professor of Computer Science
Director of the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing

(765) 494-6185

 Voicu S. Popescu
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

(765) 496-7347 

M. Kathy Banks

Bowen Engineering Head and Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 496-3424

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