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Poll Shocker: Only 2% Don't Care About Barrett's Job

Is the American public apathetic, indifferent, lethargic, and asleep at the switch?  

Not any more. A Channel3000 (Madison, WI) poll shows that only 2% of respondents don't care whether or not Kevin Barrett gets a teaching position at U.W.-Madison next fall.


The survey results are indicative of a massive upswing in public engagement with contemporary issues. As recently as one year ago, a Scripps-Howard poll showed that roughly 100 million Americans deem 9/11 an inside job, while a subsequent New York Times poll showed that 252 million out of 300 million Americans think the government is lying about 9/11. Yet few if any of those millions of people were in the process of storming the White House carrying torches and pitchforks. 

But now a new day has dawned, and an aroused public has shown that it really does care--not only about momentous historical issues like 9/11, but also about the employment situation of a university lecturer who wants a part-time job teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

"It's a remarkable turnaround," Barrett observed. "I have been teaching English, French, Arabic, Humanities, Folklore, Religious Studies, African Literature, and other subjects at the post-secondary level for over fifteen years. Until recently, if you had asked the average person on the street whether they thought Kevin Barrett should be awarded a teaching position, a strong majority would surely have answered 'I don't care.' But now, for some reason, 98% of them do care. I think this suggests that the American public has awakened from its torpor. If they're so interested in whether or not I get to corrupt the youth of Athens with 'The Miller's Tale,' just imagine how passionately they must feel about global warming, militarization and the loss of liberty, false-flag terror, the challenges of biotechnology, and other genuinely important issues." 

Will public concern with Barrett's employment prospects be reflected in an upsurge of public involvement in the critical issues of the day?  Will university hiring committees care whether the public cares whether Barrett gets a teaching job? And if not, will the public care whether the university hiring committees care whether the public cares? 

In order to answer these and other pressing questions, more research is surely necessary.

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