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Mike Cook's Ordeal

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Mike Cook has been in a federal psych ward since January. Why? To make a long  story short, he thinks 9/11 was an inside job (like 100 million other Americans according to a NY Times poll) and therefore thinks that unelected “president” George Bush is likely to be hanged for treason some day. After voicing those thoughts in a mass email, he was raided by the Secret Service, and has been living a nightmare that would boggle the minds of Kafka and Orwell ever since... 

See: http://www.mujca.com/secretservice.htm 

Here is Mike’s latest letter from lockup. Read it, then read Justin Frank’s Bush on the Couch, (summarized at http://www.unknownnews.net/insanity061704.html)

and then please tell me who’s the crazy one here: Is it Mike Cook, or is it George W. Bush and the nation that puts up with his misrule? 

Kevin Barrett 

* * *

Michael Cook                                                                                       3/13/07

11288-032   unit 2G                                                                    FMC=  Free Mike Cook


P.O. Box 1600

Butner, N.C.  27509 


        This is a general letter that I'll photocopy and send along with personalized pages responding to letters I've received.  I'll apologize right up front for my horrid hand writing and sorry spelling.  There are 9 computers in the library but they don't have word processing programs on them.  They are just for legal research and no internet access is permitted.  I'm told that it is under consideration , being studied, whether or not it would be a good idea to put word processing programs on the computers.

 After millions of dollars and millions of hours studying the matter, i suspect that the infinite wisdom of the experts may lead them to conclude, "perhaps."

    There are about 20 computers in the education department that have word processing programs installed but they are for education classes only.

    I can spend @$45 on supplies and use the type writers but I'm understandably reluctant to do so.

Eventually, depending on what happens, I might get access to 20th century writing technology through the rehabilitation officer.  BOP= Backwards on Purpose

    I've been locked up for 38 days now, since 2/5, but only the past 13 count.  The 120 day/4 month stretch began when I walked in the door here at Butner, which was on 2/28, but I'm just counting from 3/10 So, my release date should be around July 1st.  My lawyer said they could file for extensions but he didn't say how long those could run.  *(3/20 Mailing this a.s.a.p....Have met one guy who has been in for 17 years on extensions- or so he claims.  They just keep filing for 4 month extensions and keep getting them.  That really sucks- if true. He (?) violent assault of a marshall cop)

  Other people have said 2 years is the max they can do on 4 month extensions. 

    There are basically 3 things that can happen.  I could be declared competent, which could really happen at any time and doesn't need to happen at the end of the time, and be released for trial.  I could be incarcerated for the entire time and still be considered not competent for trial and they could dismiss the case (what my lawyer is hoping for) or they could try for a civil commitment and indefinite detention,

in which case I could spend my life behind bars.  They should Not be able to get that civil commitment because I am not violent.  Even if they say that I'm crazy as hell, if I'm not a danger to myself or others, they are supposed to let me go.

However, MANY things that should not have happened Have happened and I rather expect that trend to continue.  I certainly hope it does not, but I certainly won't be at all surprised if it does.  All I can do is what I've been doing- do my best to stay out of trouble and hope and pray that that horrid situation doesn't come to pass.

    But, while it is the topc of discussion, here's what I know and have been told about it so far.  The law, Title 18 section 4246 says that if I am indefinitely committed (the prisoners tell me that this is "getting  a P#",  P for Psych i suppose.)  The Feds are supposed to put me back on to the state.   They might make an exception and just hang on to me, but if this Normal Proceedure is followed I imagine that I will be sent back to Eastern State in Ky. which was the second place I was sent to, after St.

Elizabeth's, when this mightmare began in '05.

    That might be a pretty tolerable situation, comparitively speaking.  There were very nice people there (Lots of Beautiful young women doing internships for their degrees-- although it was impossible to get dates, it was very nice to have them to talk to... I mostly made small talk, standard stuff like the weather, sports, what sort of things the voices say to them, etc.  JUST KIDDING!)  There's lots of grass and trees and I was free to walk around a lot and they let you smoke there- that's where I started smoking actually.

(It's still tough, but I'm doing alright and haven't bought a $10 cig that's been up somebody's kiester yet).

    When I was at Eastern in '05, I met a guy who, I think, was "working a dodge" as the Brits say.  I think he may have wanted to be there, didn't want to be free and work, etc.  He would claim to be Jesus Christ, when the doctors were around.  When he introduced himself, very solemly as "The King", I asked if he was Elvis.  Eventually, he was moved out of the dorm and into a very small room and he was quite happy about being there.

    I would not be happy about being there, but they did let me have my ipod- which was WONDERFUL. and they even let me onto my e mail account a couple of times.  If I was there long term, they might even let me have my computers- if I could get internet access - I'd be set!  All I'd need then is my dog, some rocks to climb, rivers to run, occasional field trips to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.....It would suck, but I could deal.They even let me have my harmonica when i was there!!!!  Talk about sensible!  I've tried 5 times to get a harmonica into this FMC- the last time via the warden- and I hope they'll allow it.

No word yet.  The FMC in Lexington said, "sure.  No problem" on the 1st try- but I wasn't there long enough to worry about it-  They kept me in the hole for 30 of the 45 days, and they don't allow much fun in the hole- but the reverberation/acoustics were outstanding in there.)

    I have been told by a social worker here that she does not think that I'll be civilly committed, but if I was, that I would surely be moved right along into a group home or 1/2 way house and be released to probation in very short order.  That's very nice to hear and I hope she's right, if that's the way this goes down, but of course I have my doubts, given what has transpired so far.

    Well, that's enough of that awful topic, hopefully forever but at least for now.  let's move on.........

I understand that this may be typed up and posted in cyberspace, so I can make some general remarks--mostly THANK YOU to Alfons for posting my situation and our interview on the v911t.org site and to Dr. Kevin Barrett for putting a plug in for me on the radio now and again.  Thanks to the Power of 10!

Ditto for all of the folks writing to me!  The more letters I get, the harder it will be to lock me up for life for speaking the Truth.  I'll mail to everyone I can, sorry if I don't get to you, no worries if you don't feel comfortable sending a return address, name, etc.  I fully understand and thanks all the SAME!

(I'm getting some of those anonymous letters from Canada.  Folks up there have always seemed pretty sensible to me:) )

    I'm into double digits already on mail from folks I've never met.  Thanks and keep it up!  Extra thanks also to folks who blog this around, post it on their site, etc etc etc!  (By "this" I mean mysituation and my contact info- but of course these letters are fair game as well.)  I'm also pleased to report that the Lexington FMC has been forwarding mail.  Very Cool! 

    Now, onto the situation so far... I self surrendered to the Lexington FMC on 2/5 only to be denied entrance.  That felt VERY good for a very short time.  *(kinda like crack cocaine, or so I'm told.  I don't recommend it in any case.)

I was directed by the U.S. marshalls to self surrender to the county jail instead.  I spent about 10 days at the Fayette Co.  jail in Lexington.  It wasn't much fun.  The food was really bad and "recreation" consisted of walking around in circles.  The book cart sucked but I did find a good Isaac Asimov (all his stuff is great)  and a nice one on Buddhism.  I also got 1/2 way through a cheesy western.

    One of the guys made some sexual advances.  That has been a fairly constant feature of my experience with incarceration.  So far, I haven't had to pull out the big guns, which are:  1)start preaching Jesus with great vigor.  ( I got that out of a book on how to survive prison- it's supposed to work well.)   2) Tell the guards (a risky choice)  3) defend myself physically.  The small arms I have employed have been calm, confident, respectful defiance and playing dumb.  I played dumb with the guy in the county jail.  There was ZERO privacy in our 10 man cell, so he had to be overt and public about it.  He used inuendo and laughed nervously so I just played dumb...."What exactly do you mean?  What do you want?  Huh?"  etc.  This made him look increasingly foolish in the eyes of the other inmates and defused the situation in a non-threatening way.  I did not get this tactic out of a book, but made it up on the spot- pretty 'competent' eh?  :)  Later, Romeo asked me why i didn't shave and I said, "I'm trying to look as un-sexy as possible."  The biggest guy in there said, "It's working."  and that was more or less the end of it.  (thanks, big guy!)  By handling myself well, I eventually built up a pretty good rapport with most of the boyz.  Eventually I felt secure enough to make a joke that came off very well, thank God.  Kentucky was getting beat by Tennessee in a basketball game but was making a comeback in the final minutes.  It was 'rec time" so we had a lot of visitors.  Someone was shooting a foul shot so there was a lull in the action.  I got down off my bunk and pulled up a chair so I could reach the t.v.  It was on a swivel and I turned it so that it faced my bunk directly and was sideways to everyone else.  ("hey! what the...?  Ho!   Bitch!")

    It was a very disrespectful thing to do.  Fortunately, a few of the guys who knew me a bit (including the big guy) immediately realized it was a joke and laughed their asses off instead of kicking mine.

The slower chaps caught on quickly.  It helps to keep your humor and courage intact.

    I was shipped out of there and sent to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City on 2/15.

Flying on "Con Air"  was a trip.  I've never been shackled or had shot guns trained on my before and I could have lived without the experience.  It was about a 24 hour day (Left at 4:00am  Arrived @4:00am-  gotta watch what i say-shrinks might read this-   Yes, I know, all days are 24 hours long.) and quite unpleasant with multiple strip searches, etc.  I was not allowed to bring anything with me, including my list of phone numbers and addresses,  I was in O.K. for 12 days and it was quite dicey.

I immediately learned that an inmate had been seriously sliced up with a razor blade.  Sure enough, a memo was posted saying that razor blades that are not in the disposable razors are naughty--just in case anyone wasn't sure.  Anyone who can read that is, which is to say about 1/2 the folks who are locked up- by my guess,  Then, a day before I left, a guy was beaten to a pulp by 4 or 5 other guys.  I didn't see it, but I saw the aftermath.  It was bad.  I also met a very large guy who had lost his sight in a prison fight.

    But the worst part of the FTC was, by far, my 1st cell mate Wade.  We shared a 2 man 6x10 ft. cell for 10 days, during which I barely slept.  He had some scary things to say, including 2 murder attempts, and his behavior was disconcerting, but his eyes were what concerned me the most.  They would range from somewhat lucid to fairly psychotic to the very scary vacant look of the seriously dangerous.  Wade could use a P number- but of course he didn't have one.  I was very glad to get out of there without something going wrong in a very major way.  It's a pretty sure bet that I'll be going back there, maybe a number of times-- maybe not.

    On the bright side, the book cart was much better.  I read M.Scott Peck's The Road Less Travelled for about the 4th time-  great book-  Comet by Levy- which is wonderful for perspective.-a Hollywoodish but decent one called Geronimo and most of John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany  and Farley Mowat's (?) The Dog Who Wouldn't Be  both of which are very funny.  (when Wade got shipped out a couple of days before I did, I celebrated by re-reading the chapter in Owen Meany  about the Christmas pageant that goes wrong.  Hilarious!  I had one glorious night alone before another creep moved in.  then I was outa there, thank God.)

    Butner has been a VAST improvement.  It has a reputation as being a very easy place to do time.

This FMC is part of a huge complex that includes a penitentiary, medium and low security correctional institutions and a camp.  I have heard that one of the Enron boys and a congressman are here.  (sandy's note, i think that they are skilling and randy cunningham)  It is FAR  from a country club, but I am very grateful for the improvement.

    The humor began immediately.  I came in with 6 other guys, one of whom was a big Native American who went by the name of "Chief."  Unlike the character in One flew over the cuccoo's nest, this guy was not at a loss for words.  He wouldn't stop pacing or talking and he was saying some scary stuff but my perception was that this was actually out of fear and that he was trying to scare the rest of us so we'd leave him alone.  I correctly guessed his tribe as Tohono O'hodam (sp?)  white boys like me call them pupagos)  (sp?)  and that got us off to a good start.

I lived in Tucson for many years and their rez is southwest of there.We knew some of the same places, sacred and otherwise including a place on Baboquivari Peak- just south of Kitt Peak observatory-  where offerings are made.  Itoi, the creator of the Universe, lives on Babo and I had my 1st real climbing "epic" there and did one of my proudest 1st ascents there.  (The Story behind the 1st ascent is pretty convoluted.  I lost the trail on the approach and bushwhacked to the base of the wall below Lion's Ledge.  Lion's Ledge is frequented by cougars but I'v never seen or heard them there- only seen their sign- prints, scat, etc.  The setting sun and the dire need for water necessitated a 1st ascent to gain the ledge and the spring.  There were easier routes, but I was climbing well at the time and wanted to make a statement, knew I'd probably never be in that situation again, so I went up where the 1st pitch was a completely unprotected 5.10.  It was awesome.  "Lost But Not Lonely"  is the name- not in a guide book.)

    So Chief and I started to get along well and he relaxed a great deal.  We have become friends and we are well matched in chess.  Most guys I've played in jail are very experienced and I usually get beat in very short order.  Games with Chief- I call him Jim now- generally go on for a while, which is cool because it's tough to learn otherwise.  He says he got nailed with 214 kilos of coke-  Bummer.  The Rez actually extends across the Mexican border and lots of drugs move through there, or try to.  Jim might be in for life and he has had a very tough life so far if 1/8th of what he's told me is true.

    When I got to Butner, I was interviewed very briefly by a shrink who knew about the Truth Movement!  It was one of the most profound moments in my life....A Ray of Brilliant White Lightshown through the razor wire, steel and concrete of the prison/ Hospital and Angels descended and the voices stopped saying "Kill, Kill, Kill" (Like Arlo says in "Alice's Restaurant")  and instead started to sing Handle's "Messiah"....(JUST KIDDING SHRINKS--  there weren't really any angels.):)

He had seen "Loose Change" but didn't remember the name of it.  He got a kind of far away look in his eye when I told him it was going to be in theaters in the U.S. in April.... If there really is a God and this actually happens-  Please  send in Lots of advertisements for it from newspapers. Be sure to include day/date and newspaper title when you send.  THANKS!

    I'm not a mind reader, no matter what the voices say, but I think he may have been thinking that his job security is very good and there are likely to be many more poor unfortunate deluded souls coming his way............

    I wish he was working on my case.  I might be typing this from home if he was.  He seemed somewhat amused by the situation, though he covered it well if that was an accurate perception.

I have him to thank for my being placed directly into a "High Functioning" ward.  S.O.P. is to go through an observation period in a lower functioning environment before being moved in with the go getters.  Thanks Doc! (Sorry I don't remember your name.)

    I've also been fairly blessed with a tolerable cell mate.  He's actually VERY easy to get along with-  and I strive to be the same- and I doubt seriously whether I could expect better.  His name is Curt and he says that he's in for credit card/ internet fraud.  What's really tough, for me to see anyway, is that he NEVER gets out of bed.  Except for meals and a few trips to the library, he has hardly left the rack.  He says he suffers from depression, and I believe it, and he's enthusiastic about taking the medication.  I'm no expert, but it seems to me that it would do him a lot of good to just be forced, if necessary, to walk around outside on a beautiful day.  Light exercise is vital to health, mental and physical, and has been shown to reduce depression.  If the meds to relieve the depression cause him to, or, contribute to his habit of, laying in bed 24/7 except for meal and bathroom breaks- I don't think they are a very good solution.  I have, of course, been welcoming him to join me on my frequent trips to the yard.  perhaps I should be more encouraging, in a polite, respectful way of course.  (Think "shock collar":) ) Just kidding Curt and shrinks.!!

*(Curt's sugar was over 400 this morning!!!!! OMG! He NEEDS to exercise for crying out loud!

    Speaking of meds.... Ah, yes, drugs, wonderful drugs...  Ever notice how many, and how persuasive, the t.v. commercials are for a quick fix-- take a pill-type solutions?

    There are books like The Road Less Traveled that begin "Life is difficult", but no one reads anymore.  When was the last time you heard something like, "Diet and exercise are key to losing weight and for many people there is no easy alternative."  on the t.v.?  Compare American/Western cultural messages regarding how to solve problems, improve yourself, gain wisdom, etc. to the messages of other cultures--or even American messages of the past....Pretty Pathetic.

No wonder folks are such a mess here.  All we're ever told is "it's easy.  Take a pill!"  etc.  (by the media) Yes, the Doctor on my case is, of course, a drug pusher.  He may come by it honestly, or not, but drugs are as I fully expected they would be, his solution to my problem.  You see, if I would just take some drugs, steel will melt at the temperature at which jet fuel burns and the molten steel ",,..flowing and in pools..."  at ground zero will be fully explained:  I'll trust that the FBI confiscated the video from the Pentagon, a nearby gas station and hotel and the Va. DOT in order to protect me from terrorists:  I'll understand that the official 9/11 commission said, "....funding is of little concern...."  because they are MASTERS of deduction and have absolutely connected all the dots.

    So far, I am still drug free.  I have heard NUMEROUS  things, but I think that this is the nitty gritty:  1:  if I was a danger to myself or others, I would be drugged against my will already (Yea!for what that says regarding civil committment and indefinite detention!!!)  2:  A judge can force meds on me.  I've made it quite clear that that is what will have to happen in order for me to take drugs.   "....There ain't no easy way out.."'ll stand my ground...  No i won't back down!!!  T.P and the H.B.'s.  *(I understand that John McCain is using that song.......yuck!  3 Questions for Mr. McCain:  1) if you support the troops, why don't you talk about the LIE!  They are dying and being blown apart for-  including 9/11?  2)Why did you support the abolition of Habeus corpus and why in God's name did you support torture?  3) Do you really  tell people that the Grand Canyon was created by Noah's flood?                                                                                                         


    As luck would have it, I met with Dr. Cochrane today and it looks like we will be having a hearing before a judge so that he can force me to take drugs.  The judge will likely schedule the hearing sometime before the 4 month time frame is up, will likely give them permission to drug me, and the 4 month time frame will begin anew as soon as I begin treatment.  Another possibility is that the judge will deny the doctor the permission to medicate me and I'll be returned to the court.

I do not know what would happen then.  So, I need to contact my lawyer (court appointed--not thrilled with his performance)  and my family and some other folks who I hope will testify at the hearing.  This is of course an expected development. (the Voices told me it would happen.)

Perhaps it's time for this disclaimer, or long past time for it..........I DO NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER AT ANY TIME IN THE PAST, HEAR VOICES THAT OTHERS DO NOT HEAR.  Any and all references to such "voices" are intended to be humorous for the purpose of relieving stress and being entertaining and trying to have some fun with a very un-fun situation.  Humor has been shown to be a solid coping mechanism and can be considered to be a sign of mental health.  Additionally, I was working as a Special Educator when this awful situation got started and had previously worked with abused and troubled kids and I have great compassion, sympathy, empathy for anyone who suffers from any sort of legitimate mental illness of any sort for any reason.  I have spent considerable time on the street and have hitch-hiked across the country several times (Maybe I am crazy- hitch-hiking-  Rock climbing, free solo first ascent for gosh sakes....Mabye I am crazy, but not for what I am saying about 9/11.  I can prove that everything I'm saying about 9/11 is true if given 1/16th of a chance.)  and to pay back the Karma I have occasionally given rides to hitch-hikers.  (my Karma ran over your Dogma)

    These experiences have put me into contact with people who probably were a bit crazy, ok, sometimes really crazy.  I have actually advocated for mentally ill folks by pointing out repeatedly over the years that I was very unhappy with Ronald Reagan for cutting the funding for taking care of the mentally ill and that our homeless population increased massively at that time.  The point is that I have sincere regard for anyone with any type of disability, including mental illness, and all humor I employ regarding mental illness is simply to help me deal with the UTTERLY INSANE situation in which I currently find myself.-i.e. I say 9/11 was an inside job (and other factual statements that can be proved regarding my personal situation).  For these  statements I am called insane.  When I say that I can prove that these statements are indeed factual, I am told that that would not be relevant to my case.  That is insane and I will maintain that opinion until I am laid in my grave or my lobotomy is completed, either physically or chemically, and I am no longer able to have an actual opinion based on sound judgement because it has been removed.  *(I really do not expect to be lobotomized in any way, more lame attempts at humor.  There is, however, the utterly Insane bigger picture of 9/11 to consider...

    O.K.  Disclaimer over.

    I need to finish this and the individual letters and get it all in the mail.  I need to do what I can for this hearing.  I hope I HAVE  a hearing.  I was supposed to have one before I was incarcerated this time, and that didn't happen-  The Judge just issued the order.  If I have a hearing I hope that I'll be able to present the RELEVANT evidence:  9/11 was an inside job, What I'm saying is true, I do not need medication, I do need a fair trial.  I hope that if I present this evidence that the judge won't do as doctor Cochrane has done and say " you need medication"  anyway.  For the Record, Below is what I gave to Dr. Cochrane- in Brief  *(not ALL of what I gave to him- There was a bit more that serves the same purpose- just backs up-supports-the validity of my claims- therefore my sanity. (MORE absurdity- I come into this place practically naked- not even any phone numbers or addresses besides what's in my head-  and Dr. Cochrane scoffs at me about what kind of evidence can I produce to convince him in a week or two.  No internet access, no books, no movies just "what cha got kid?" so I gave him this stuff off the top of my head.  )   (This symbol * means I'd like to hear Dr. Cochrane's interpretation of the fact- He has not supplied any so far.) 

I    Prior to the attacks

    1)  warnings from foreign Intelligence agencies- No action from U.S.

    2)  Honest FBI agents begging David Schippers to subpoena them so they could reveal       "....highly specific and widely known throughout the bureau"  information in a legal fashion.

    3)  High profile folks gave warnings- A Rockafeller according to Aaron Russo and Alex        Jones according to the recordings.

    4)  Put options *              "....funding is of little importance...."

    5) Able Danger

        Happy Equinox!                                                                3-21 

    6)Head of Pakistani ISI sends $100,000 to Atta

    7) John O'Neil   /Osama bin Laden in Dubai Hospital

II On the day of the attacks

    1) NORAD stood down *Norman Mineta's testimony before the commission.  (Dr. Cochrane said that different people can have different interpretations of the same facts.)..   Stewart Partner(?) flight s.o.p. etc.    Robert Bowman's credentials and comments etc etc. etc.

    2)  the Pentagon

        a)  air defenses

        b)  alleged maneuvers by 757 w/Hani Hanjour @ the helm.

        c)*  no plane wreckage and official explanation which is physically impossible-  i.e. 757                vaporized

        d)* Flight Passengers identified by DNA- Human remains remain after 757 vaporized-          also physically impossible

        e)*  Approximate dimensions of 757-  125 ft. wing span, 50 ft. tall tail- no evidence of           impact w/Pentagon_  even some windows intact etc.  physical impossibility #3 @ Pentagon.

           other curious features-  FBI appropriates video.  No video yet released shows 757-           cordite smell-  Rumsfeld reports $2.3 Trillion missing on 9/10/'01 and accountants and          investigators killed in attack- records destroyed also.

     3)  Building 7-  no history of steel frame collapses-  No revised building codes_  no        explanation *not even mentioned by commission report.*

(What is your interpretation Dr. Cochrane?)

     4)  Twin Towers

          a)  Evidence inconsistent w/ pancake collapse

          b) molten steel- * petition I wrote supporting Dr. Steven Jones- want to know if Dr. Cochrane thinks it's logical- rational.

           c) Crews doing "bandwidth" work-  Marvin bush connection *  bomb sniffing dogs               removed.  *  please interpret.  thank you.

          d)  Eyewitness testimony-  firefighters, William Rodriguez, news media initial reports. 

          e)  video evidence

     5)  My Pet Goat

III  After the attacks

    1)  destruction of evidence

    2)* no flights allowed but saudis and bin Ladens leave the country

    3)  incriminating statements by:  bush "watched 1st plane hit n. tower on t.v.  @ the school."and Rudy G. "we were told the buildings were going to come down", and Larry Silverstein"pull it".

    4)Commission said families would be "steering committee", families ask 100 questions       not answered-  resistance to having commission in 1st place- No one fired- lots of promotions.

    5)  Cheney and bush testify-  Almost didn't happen -kept secret

            a) not under oath

            b) no record made

            c) together only- not separately

*  would love to hear your interpretation, Dr. Cochrane.

     6)  *changing story of the military-  flights of fancy

     7)*  Airtraffic Controllers interviewed/ debriefed-  cassette tape destroyed and placed in a number of different trash cans

     8)EPA lied-  people still dying

     9) "Silence is complicity"  Hearing about some/most/all of this from a prision inmate instead   of from the media, congress or official commission speaks volumes.... 

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One of the things that has been stressed in all religions that I'm aware of is the overall oneness/sameness of all people.  Yeah sure, some of the more violent, vengeful, vindictive of them get into all sorts of nastiness, the old "my God can beat up your God " sort of thing.  But to my ear, that sounds much more human than divine.  On many, many levels, we are all basically the same.  Everyone has things they are proud of and, to put it kindly, things that they are not proud of.  One of the things that I'm proud of is that when the Secret Service came to see me in May of '06, they made it very clear that one of the things they were most concerned about was my writing.  This brought me great joy.  I knew I was on the right path if, given our current circumstances, the SS was unhappy with my writing .  It's not that I am against all authority, just the unjust use of it--Not the use but the abuse of authority.  That's why I think it is VITAL to question authority.  Humans, being human beings, will tend to make mistakes, especially when the stakes are high, and what's higher than the question of authority--who is in charge? on what grounds?  can they be trusted?  etc.  It's also very important to have the right tool for the job.  Try removing a 5/16" bolt with a 1/4" wrench and you'll understand.  Honest elections and an unfettered media are vital tools for a democracy.  The U.S. has lost both.  Obviously, I don't have the best tools for this writing job, and the work has suffered because of it.  Oh well, I'm doing the best I can. 


got a good laugh out of the nursing staff-  told them that I didn't think it was wise to advertise leprechauns in a psych hospital.  Gotta run!  Peace through Truth and Justice , happy st. Patrick's day!                                                                     


   (sandy's note:  he added in some info about other inmates there who want mail, too!  if anyone is interested let me know!  my time is up!)

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