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Leland Lehrman: The Declaration of Kennebunkport

Leland Lehrman will be my guest on 9/11 and Empire Radio, Tuesday 10/2, 9-11 p.m. CT, 

I propose that no one seriously working with the political 911 peace and justice movement engage, reference or credit anyone who is not willing to operate under his own name. Leland Lehrman 

The Declaration of Kennebunkport

by US Senate Candidate Leland Lehrman - 

The Kennebunkport Warning of and Webster Tarpley has become a seminal document in the new political zeitgeist. It should perhaps be renamed the Declaration of Kennebunkport to tie it to that other founding document. Like its Massachussetts neighbors Lexington and Concord, Kennebunkport may turn out to be the first major battle of the new Revolution. Responses to it have separated the wheat from the chaff in the 911 truth movement and created the most intense internal debate since the no planes theory. And therein lies the problem. 9/11 Truth is filled with brilliant navel gazers, but only a handful of experienced or serious political leaders, of whom Mr. Tarpley is one.  

My first reaction to the controversy was to hope for reconciliation, but there appears to be no way to make this happen. Mr. Tarpley is adamant that the arrival of Chip Berlet of the Ford Foundation is evidence of a major counterorganizing initiative and he is decisive that even those who cannot be proven agents must be warned of the consequences of their alliance, intentional or otherwise. I can understand this point of view.  

Adding energy to the soap opera of 911disinformation takes away from the essential task of using our understanding of 9/11 to prevent World War III, the Iran attack. The recent Wayne Madsen expose regarding the nuclear armed B-52s from Minot shows just how high the stakes really are. If your actions or attitude result in distracting the nation and world from the seriousness of the present situation and perpetuate a politically useless internal 9/11 debate, then you are both absent from the front lines and taking other people away from them. This leaves open the path to WWIII, as there will be no one to man the barricades if everyone is in the coffeshop smoking and arguing over theoretical and personal issues. Ultimately, if you are aware of this and continue to promote or obsess over the soap opera, your integrity and moral clarity will be rightly called into question.  

The argument boils down to a question of morality and leadership. Given the urgent necessity of preventing mass casualties around the world, to people and families like yours and mine, can we allow ourselves to be overly concerned about the egos in the "peace movement." Unfortunately, Cindy Sheehan's on again off again leadership has not proven particularly effective at terminating the oligarchy's grip on power, and her iconic status should be challenged when she falls victim to subversive forces, or whatever it is that happened to her with respect to the Kennebunkport Warning. We are vulnerable when we kowtow to "leaders" accorded unnecessary and perhaps undeserved respect.  

There is another important issue here. Many of those who led the attacks on the Kennebunkport Warning are people operating without real names. Who is Cosmos? Who is Arabesque? Who is Colonel Jenny Sparks? Who is Imgstacke? I have attempted to communicate with these people, giving them my phone numbers and email addresses, but absolutely without success. And yet, the very idea that spending my time trying to communicate with a variety of aliases is exactly the problem. How are we to be effective if we are constantly running around trying unsuccessfully to talk with every foundation funded, nameless or unreachable entity? I propose that no one seriously working with the political 911 peace and justice movement engage, reference or credit anyone who is not willing to operate under his own name. As Webster pointed out, can you imagine these aliases signing the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? It has no dignity. 

If the Wayne Madsen report is right that mutinying US Air Force and Intelligence prevented a nuclear attack on Iran on September 6th, we need to spend most of our time supporting their actions and countering the work of Senators Kyl and Lieberman in the Senate. Moreover, we need to trumpet the murderous madness of the Senate, the Administration and the neocon elements of the military because the sunset media, especially Murdoch, is trying to make Washington and the world believe the lie that everyone in DC is onboard with attacking Iran. While we fight over Cindy Sheehan's signature on a piece of paper, and which words were more insulting, hoax or liar, brave patriots are risking their lives to prevent catastrophe and we can hardly muster a word of support, so overwhelmed with the soap opera have we become.  

Americans have not been taught the way of political struggle for centuries. We are, in effect, having to learn the lessons of the Revolution all over again. As the saying goes, never forget...and for those who stick with the soap opera, see you in the fireball. 


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