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A Letter from Eric Larsen, Author of A Nation Gone Blind 

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Dear Readers of A Nation Gone Blind, Other Recipients, Writers, Thinkers, Patriots, Friends: 

A friend used to call the whole crispy seabass at one of our local Sechuan restaurants the "delicious but dangerous" dish, because of all the bones. The more I read and study not only our mainstream media in general--vide Paul Craig Roberts :

"Today the US media serves as propaganda ministry for the government's wars and police state"--but the the more I read and study the putative "progressive" and "liberal" media, the more I think of the crispy seabass. Pretty but pernicious, you might say. 

Last time, I did what I could to make anyone listening aware of  the deep, and I think dangerous, mystery of Amy Goodman--a high-visibility media person with a faithful audience and "progressive-left" reputation, yet one who, no matter what, won't say a word about the subject of 9/11 truth. If, again like Paul Craig Roberts, you think we must  Impeach Bush and Cheney Now and also believe that 9/11 truth is the only possible way to get impeachment proceedings started, then Goodman's silence, like the silence of many, many other "progressives," takes on enormous and ominous suggestions. 

After I posted my Amy Goodman piece, I got a letter from someone asking to be removed from my list and nailing down the request by saying, "Please do not send me any more criticisms of people I see as effective antagonists to the Bush regime." 

And there's the problem. These "effective antagonists" seem to be having NO effect in gathering favor or force toward impeachment. 

Here's part of what I wrote back: 

"My position is that the 'doubters on the left' either HAVE NOT READ the great amount of excellent, scholarly, documented, deeply probing work that's been done on 9/11 (see my list here  and then a list with more annotation here ) OR they're covering up 9/11 truth for reasons that in my own view can not and could not ever be anything but contemptible, this being for the simple reason that, as you say, they then back, support, prolong, and even join 'the hideous presidency we endure.'

"The republic has been stolen. Impeachment must occur and yet IS NOT occurring. Why not? We can repeat over and over ten million times that impeachment MUST occur, and yet it won't, any more than it's occurring now. What could possibly re-ignite the ability of the people to influence their own government and their own congress? Answer: exposure of 9/11 truth from authoritative, widely known, respected figures in the media.

"Without impeachment, we're done for. If you have a better idea about how to make--or allow--it to happen, do let me know.

"I despise seeing the left opposition being splintered this way--as exemplified by you and me, or by me and Amy Goodman, or me and Alexander Cockburn . But if the Goodmans and the Cockburns would read the 18 books on my list , they'd know that there's no basis whatsoever for them to say the things they say in keeping mum or covering up or suppressing 9/11 truth.

"With the deep wish for unity--and through unity the regaining of a free republic,

"Believe me in my sincere wish for the same as you wish."        


I wish you all well.

Eric Larsen

Click here for The Pernicious Hypocrisy of Frank Rich, of the New York Times

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