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David Ray Griffin C-Span talk on DVD!

We now have available the DVD of David Ray Griffin's Madison, Wisconsin lecture, the same one that aired April 30th and May 7th on C-Span. The footage was taken from a camera set up right next to C-Span's camera, and is virtually identical to the footage aired on C-span, yet it is free from C-Span's copyright (which is why we can offer it to you). Furthermore, there is an added 21-second clip of the collapse of WTC building 7 (the "Achilles heel" of 9/11), making this version superior to the C-Span version, and the best video to show friends, family, co-workers, etc. We will send you this DVD for a donation of $20 (or more) ($ 10 students//low income)

David Ray Griffin DVD:

 9/11 and American Empire:  $20.00  postage included!


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