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Amy Goodman and
 9/11 Truth



“Kevin Barrett Questions Amy Goodman” Video Goes Viral

Will Amy Respond to Listeners Demanding 9/11 Truth Coverage? 

As of this writing, almost 10,000 people have seen “Kevin Barrett Questions Amy Goodman on WTC-7” during its first four days on youtube. Dozens have cc’ed me on their letters to Amy asking her to cover WTC-7 and 9/11 truth in general. Below is a sample of the feedback that has come in so far. 

If you haven’t yet done so, please join the effort! You can write to Amy at 

-Kevin Barrett 

* * *

From Eric Larsen, novelist, retired English prof, and author of A Nation Gone Blind: 

Dear Readers of A Nation Gone Blind, Other Recipients, Writers, Thinkers, Patriots, Friends: 

I'd hoped this piece might be my planned essay about Frank Rich, but, thanks to the indefatigable Kevin Barrett, a bit of new light has been shed on the old subject of Amy Goodman. Amy Goodman, that is, as 9/11 gatekeeper non pareil. 

        I first picked up the term "gatekeepers," or, more specifically the phrase "left gatekeepers," from Barry Zwicker in his excellent 9/11 study, "Towers of Deception" < >. As you may not know but will find out in this new piece, I've written a couple of times before on Amy Goodman, but Kevin Barrett (who's also written on her before, in "Amy Goodman, j'accuse <>) brings a particular quality to the subject of Goodman and people like her--well known left-leaning media people with faithful audiences, high visibility, and reputations for being hard-digging truth-tellers, who yet adamantly remain suppressors and deniers of 9/11 truth. 

        You'll see what the quality is that Kevin, once again, brings to the subject: A combination of openness, humor, earnestness, deep conviction, and powerful fidelity to truth. You can add to that list--a word I've surprised myself by using lately after having eschewed it for most of my lifetime, thinking it was cheapened to meaninglessness--patriotism. And I doubt that Kevin will disagree with it's being added here. 

        After all, if you stand for and defend the nation's founding documents, if you consider them the highest law of the land, if you hold  them as highly and reverently as you would scripture--then you're patriotic. By that measure, patriotic is the very last thing that describes the powers now in control of the "leadership" of the nation. What DOES describe them? Well, since they stand not for the defense of the Constitution but for the deliberate destruction of it--what word applies? This time, I'll let you supply what you consider apt.  

        I wish us all well, and I hope you will read "WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE TO BE AMY GOODMAN?" by clicking on the URL here:

        Eric Larsen 

* * * 

Kevin - Hi! I saw your article on confronting Amy Goodman in Madison at Univ of Wisconsin. 

Here is an article that mentions her in connection with Bldg. 7. 

With all best wishes, Alfred Webre 

* * * 

Hi Amy, 

I've watched your show for a long time and I admit I haven't been as puzzled as most by your inability to cover 9/11 truth, indeed because of my background in sociology I find your behavior completely logical and understandable. The primary reason none of us are willing to publicly examine the facts of 9/11, whether in academia, the media, or elsewhere, is simply self-preservation. We realize what is at stake: our safe identity that it has been our lifelong project to develop. The disinformation campaign surrounding 9/11 and the war on terror has dominated much of our collective consciousness, and those who question not just the genocidal nature of how 9/11 has been used, but the actual circumstances under which the event was carried out, encounter enormous, orchestrated, ad hominem resistance. What a terrible psychosocial price to pay.  

In 1965 Marcuse told us about repressive tolerance - the function of tolerance in an oppressive society is to preserve the overall system of oppression. For example, the US tolerates Islam in principle because an outright legal discrimination by religion would threaten the entire discriminatory system itself, or another example: cannabis is quasi-legal in California because to subject Californians to the same harsh penalties for cannabis found in the rest of the country would threaten the larger system of cannabis prohibition.  In the same sense, our system of corporate/government censorship of important truths is in fact preserved by the tolerance of critical media. But like the radical Islamist or the medical marijuana patient outside of California, the critical media voice who crosses the boundaries established in the system of oppression risks extreme sanction. Democracy Now is tolerated - in a repressive fashion.  

So yes - please do continue a debate with Kevin Barrett. But also, do know that I am aware of the constraints placed on your criticism of the ruling elite, and understand that to preserve your own place in the castle, you still must bow to the King. Best of luck to you, Amy.  


Jesse Goplen 

* * * 

Dear Amy,

Everyone loves you but some of us get a little mad with you because you don't yet grasp the 911 nettle. 

You may think it a controversial hot potato, and in a way it is , but in a way it isn't. Remember that there is nothing controversial about

a) height of triple towers;

b) speed of 'collapse' (akademolition/mid-air evaporation)

c) laws of physics concerning falling objects in air. 

Stick to the laws of physics and don't mess with racist conspiracy theories about Muslims/Arabs walking invisibly through international airports, making impossible mobile phone calls from aircraft flying high and fast, and defying the laws of physics to kill all us innocent westerners ..... 

Love you,

Keith Mothersson 

* * * 

The neglect of the, by some accounts and polls, majority of Americans who challenge the official story on the 9/11 events, is a national disgrace. Your show, could go far to break the lockout of 9/11 news and help to end the conspiracy of silence on the single most important event of our lifetimes by fostering debate and exposure of the contradictions that plague the official story. 

Kevin Barrett, David Ray Griffin, and other responsible spokespersons should be guests and should be allowed to address a full range of subjects related to that day. 

9/11 is the watershed event, the aftermath of which presents the most serious threat to democracy we are likely to see. If you sit this one out, what kind of defender of democracy are you? 

Shelton F. Lankford  

Editor’s note: Marine Lt. Col. Shelton Lankford is listed at 

* * * 

Dear Producers of Democracy Now and Amy Goodman, 

I would like to request that Kevin Barrett of be invited for

a conversation with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. There is enough

compelling evidence in the public domain already which begs many of

the questions that 911 truth movement is persistently asking -

especially around  controlled demolitions of the towers and WTC-7. Why

is there such a stoned silence from Amy Goodman - "the exception to

the rulers' - on the demolition of WTC-7 along the same lines as the

911 report from the rulers? Where is the 'exception'? 

 I am sure it will make a great show with Kevin, but more importantly,

with Amy's impeccable journalism and questioning skills, some really

critical examination of the topic will be had if these two can come

together for an entire hour on the great program. 

Thank you,

Zahir Ebrahim


* * * 

Dear Democracy Now, 

Thank you for your good works! 

Now, PLEASE invite Professor Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan (formerly of UL), Kevin Barrett, and David Ray Griffin onto your show. 

PLEASE become part of the drumbeat for 9/11 truth, which many at Air America have now joined. 

Our democracy depends on it. 

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall" 

Warm regards, 


*  * * 


Your silence on the whole 9/11 issue is puzzling to many of us.  I encourage you to have Kevin Barrett on your show more.  There are many others who could carry on a very enlightened conversation about 9/11 as well that would reduce the silence on this issue.  Choose the best:  Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan,  Barrie Zwicker, Jim Hoffman, for example, and  Kevin Barrett. 

Amy,  silence on 9/11 by now has come to mean collusion with those who have been treasonous. 

Please reconsider and report.  The silence is deafening from you. 


* * * 

Hi Amy.  Thank you for your excellent reporting on so many of the issues of critical importance to the peace movement.  And what could be more important at this moment than resolving the unanswered questions surounding the attacks or 9/11/01?  So, when are you going to invite Kevin Barrett onto your show for some dialog about his and your perspectives on the events of that day?

Thanks, CG 

* * * 

Hello Amy,

Thank you so much for your excellent reporting--" where the silence is"-- over the years.  There is one area of silence that is still maddening silent, 9/11/01 and the mysteries that are still unanswered about it.  I would hope that you would want to get to the bottom of this as the true journalist that you are.   Surely the 911 Commission's "investigation" was a very bad joke.  When can I expect to hear you tackle this subject that is the keystone of so many atrocities that have happened in its wake.  

Thank you for all you do.


Dr. M.H.

* * * 

Amy's new show is called Democracy later !! Great job Kevin. 

                                 Thanks for fighting for America, Dr.Bob 

* * * 

I know you are an intelligent person and know the truth about 911. Only someone with tremendous fear and ignorance could not know the obvious truth. It takes weeks to rig a building up for demolition, and Bldg. 7 was in the words of a demo expert a Stravarius violin. It was a perfect job. 47 stories falling into a footprint in 10 seconds. That an a hundred other details. Why not interview Willie Rodriguez, and ask him where the first explosion occurred. He will tell you down in one of the sub basements. And you know about the insider trading in Wall Street the previous week, the cruise missile hitting the Pentagon and making a 25 foot hole. You know the operation was planned out for quite a long time, to get the oil in Iraq and the Caspian basin, and the 1,200 mile long pipeline that goes thru Afghanistan. And the myth of Osama bin Laden. I am a researcher. I want facts. I am not a "conspiracy theorist." So why the silence???? 

* * * 


You're my HERO!!!! Loved the Amy Goodman bit AND the FOX TV  interview!!!!! You handled that punk very well. 


* * * 

Amy dear, 

So, now that you have met Kevin Barrett, isn't it time to get him on your show? Between the 2 of you, this whole 9/11 lie/cover-up/fiasco could be blown wide open!

I know you told Kevin that there were a lot of questions that need answering about 9/11 - hey wait, you are a journalist!!! That's what journalists do!!!  I think I'm on to something...How about you interview him and ASK those questions? (Don't worry about him stealing your spotlight - you are much prettier than him!)

You could be the Woodward/stein of the 9/11gate which is unfolding - most journalists I know would love to have a chance to hatch a story that goes to the core of our government's compliance/involvement/execution of the crimes of 9/11. I can see the headlines now: 

Goodman and Barrett Crack 9/11 Cover Up - Guiliani Drops Out Of Race 

Hey, one can dream, eh?

Thanks for all your good work!

"We the People" need your involvement - good luck! 


* * * 

Dear Amy, 

I appreciated your positive, albeit carefully worded, answer to Kevin Barrett's question to you about your sometime covering the unbelievable collapse of Building # 7 at the WTC -- as well as the whole 9/11 issue.  Many of us hope that you will join the media figures who have begun to look squarely at the 9/11 disaster and ask the hard questions so that we can all get out of this Matrix that the Powers that Be have built around that event.  

Now, a frank question for you: Is your network funded or otherwise influenced by people or organizations that would prevent you from doing this?  If so, please try to be upfront as possible about that so that we know.  If this is not the case, please make the leap to pull out the stops on this issue -- for the benefit of this Republic, and all of us on the planet.  You need not point fingers, only ask questions, present evidence, and let the people draw their own conclusions.  Waking up is our only hope of getting out from under the Big Thumb.  Thank you.  



* * *

My god, man, good work!  Could not have been said better!


* * *  

Dear Amy, 

For years I have been meaning to write you about this, but I put it off, believing it wasn't worth the effort; that my voice wouldn't make a difference to you.

Today, reading Kevin Barrett's account of your dialog with him during the Q&A at your speech at U of Wisconsin at Madison last night, I feel a bit of hope that perhaps my voice, in unison with the voices of many others, will persuade you to go where the silence is. 

Amy, I ask you to study the known facts, the unanswered questions.  Watch the best documentaries, among them:  911 Mysteries, Press For Truth (by the "Jersey Girls"), 911: Blueprint For Truth.  Read David Ray Griffin's Debunking 9/11 Debunking, which meticulously rebuts and discredits the famous "debunking" by Popular Mechanics, and other more recent attempts to obfuscate the truth.  Read Griffin's The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, and The New Pearl Harbor.  (all in your copious free time...At least, ask a trusted friend to give or two to give you the Cliff Notes...) 

Engage the issue of the official 9/11 story with deep curiosity and a Zen "Beginner's Mind" (ideally, empty of prejudice; peaceful and humble).  Engage it with respect, uncompromsing pursuit of the truth. 

Kevin Barrett's manner --his writing, speaking, attitude-- is almost always heavily laced with sarcasm and often with pugnacious condescension and outright hatred.  This is not, in my humble opinion, helpful to the cause of uncovering truth and inviting more openmindedness among more Americans.   

But to Kevin's great credit, he has relentlessly pursued the truth and sought to engage people in critically analyzing many aspects of 911.  In so doing, he has risked his professional livelihood, suffered setbacks in his career, and I believe, has risked his life and the lives of his family.  Such courage is tragically lacking in the vast majority of our elected and appointed officials, military officers and service men and women, media, and our population at large.  I include myself in that indictment.  

It is not merely silence that shrouds the truth about what happened on 9/11.  It is deliberate obfuscation, disinformation, misinformation, omission, marginalizing.  It is mythologizing, ridiculing, ostracizing, intimidating, and perhaps worse. 

9/11 is not old news.  Obviously our appalling national acts of aggression since then have been "justified" by it, as have been the eviscerating assaults on our constitutional democracy.  9/11 is a crucial cornerstone, if not keystone, in the worldview of tens of millions of Americans, upholding their consent to State savagery under the guise of "the War on Terror," and the erosion of civil rights.   

Are there some crucially important truths about what happened that day that remain deeply buried?  Is a new, completely independent, investigation justified? 

Amy, you have served, and continue to serve, the public good in many ways, and for that I thank you greatly.  What is missing is shining a spotlight on 9/11.   

Invite Kevin Barrett onto your show.  Invite architect Richard Gage (see ).  Invite independent film producer, Sofia Shafquat, creator of 911 Mysteries.  Invite David Ray Griffin back.  Invite William Rodriguez, 20-year janitor at the WTC, eye witness to a casualty of a huge explosion in the basement of Tower One, "ear" witness to multiple explosions before and after the plane hit.  Invite Dr. Stephen Jones, physicist.  Invite Alex Jones.  Wes Tarpley.  The Jersey Girls.   

Invite some of the 500 witnesses to explosions, witnesses whose testimony was muzzled by the NY Port Authority and other instruments of the state until it was forced into the public domain in the summer of 2006 by families of 9/11 casualties and other doggedly determined persons.  Invite witnesses to the collapse of WTC Building 7.  If the overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to a planned demolition of WTC 7 --the collapse of which has been virtually absent from the mainstream media's accounts of that day since the day itself,-- then wouldn't that possibility in itself legitimate calls for an independent investigation of all the events of that day? 

I know you're very busy, with important and worthy work.  If you've read this far, thank you.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice."  I hope he is right.  I honestly cannot say with conviction that I'm sure he's right.  But I cannot not speak out for truth and justice, in my own small way.  You have so much influence.  Use your courage and position to do what others dare not do.  Be ferociously brave and inquisitive.  Shine your light on 9/11. 

Thank you. 



* * * 

Hello, Kevin,

        Whoosh, this Amy Goodman stuff is absolutely extraordinary! What a job you did! And all WITH humor and and WITH composure. I couldn't a done it.

        I do have two piece on Amy G, this one "Does the CIA Own Amy Goodman"

        and this one "Amy Goodman: A Mind Prostituted"

        I wonder what I should do with 'em. Atlantic Free Press takes my stuff now. Maybe I should send these, in light of your "interview" with her. I could use your evening with her as a kind of forward to the Goodman sections of my pieces.

        Serious possibility. Let me know what you think.

        Your human and personableness are huuuuuuge assets and have stood you in good stead and continue to. I don't have those. But your report on your evening as forward might help as a foil for my more snide and nasty ways that would follow.

        I don't know what to do. What IS it that has people like her in its grip? Fear? Money? Threats? Just the "corporate" machinery-mentality of Pacifica? Here the very future of the republic--of MORE--is at stake and she won't budge, won't acknowledge even the merest shred of truth even when videotape makes her prior knowledge of WT7's collapse all but indisputable. I didn't know the detail about the NYC police radio and the countdown to the Silverstein fortune being made. God, what kind of evidence does it TAKE to break down the big huge high thick wall of Amy Goodmanian-esque silence and denial? WHERE is the power of that resistance coming from? I mean, are all the patsy-coward democrats in Congress actually afraid for their lives? That's what Sheila Samples thinks.  (I mentioned her on your show, and since then she's written back. I'll forward it to you. Is very short.)

        Oy. Help.

        And congratulations on another absolutely stupendous job.

        At the very least, I'd like to send your email around to my own list. What think?


* * * 

Dear Amy Goodman,  I sure love you and appreciate all you do to help our great country, in so far as having a voice where no one else will go!  I am another person who has questioned the truth of 9-11 for years.  So now that I know from Kevin Barrett that you were at ground zero at building 7 on Sept 11, I know that it is time to start talking about it!  Two endless wars and millions have died since that fateful day, and no one is talking about what truly happened, to building 7, and the other two buildings, except for hundreds of scholars, demolition experts, pilots, engineers, simple housewives such as myself, and millions of patriotic Americans!  It is time for someone in the media get on this before it gets too out of control.  It already is washing over this great country, and the people know!  If the media does not get on this NOW, it will for ever be a spike in the heart of any media, be it, public, independent, or corporate! 

Yours very Sincerely, DL 

* * * 

Hi Kevin, 

I read the transcript, and it was nice to see the video. You certainly did your very best, but to me, she is dead in the water. I certainly give you credit for trying. You gave it the best attempt, and I commend you. 

We all do our part, and do our best. 


* * * 

Hello Amy, 

     It has often been noted in the past that you are a seeker of truth and justice. Kevin Barrett would like to be invited to your program. It has been indicated that you are fearful of having Kevin Barrett on your program. I hope this is not so. For years, as you must know, Kevin has been wanting an investigation of the 911 attacks as more than half of America has according to a Zogby poll.

   As long as an investigation of the 9/11 attacks is suppressed, the senseless slaughter in Iraq will continue plus a potential invasion of Iran is on the table..

   I have a friend whose husband was murdered at the WTC and have written possibly hundreds of letters in an effort to help stop the insanity. But I am a private citizen and do not have your unique position where you can get the ball rolling to renew an investigation of the 9/11 attacks.

  I only hope and pray that you are not bring threatened in any way.



* * * 

Hi Amy I saw you speak in Olympia on a dark rainy night a few years ago, but everything you say gets overshadowed by your silence about 9/11. 

I don't care for the issue much these days. It'd be too much like harping on religion really. But just so you know, every single one of us can see which side you're on, whether or not you meant to choose sides in the first place.  

And that's an important question. I can give you the benefit of the doubt for all the good you still seem to try to do. At the very least though, then, you're not in control of yourself, and that's nothing but slavery, good old-fashioned slavery.  

There is a new component to that kind of slavery, which is that cowardice required on our parts to fool ourselves into believing we are choosing necessary evils, sins of omission we lose our innocence committing. 

You have a job to do, and if you don't, you're tacitly condoning the big structure of an un-free, a totally controlled major communications network. 

Not only that, and far worse among the most informed public, you're failing to distinguish yourself from the state-run media. You'll add your voice to the protest, but when will you say something powerful enough to really make a difference?  

Put it all on the line, won't you Amy, and suspend your opinions--command control (and respect!) as a truly neutral, fair moderator--and have Kevin Barrett debate your Chip Berlet, or someone else from the bowels of the Goodship Democracy Now!  

Which I hope to keep from sinking, though there are many who think it's too late. 

With a sign and a feeling of despondency about your silence,


* * * 

Dear Amy Goodman 

Please invite Dr. Kevin Barrett on one of your Democracy Now TV shows in the very near future.  He could engage in a friendly chat about the 9-11 truth movement in general or he could debate any other guest who wants to debunk all the "9-11 conspiracy theorists." 

We stand no chance of bringing the troops home NOW until we get a complete and honest investigation of 9-11.  I have been protesting at the Texas state capitol for 10 months with signs conveying those exact two basic messages. 

The truth is always the best for our nation.  The truth is that the Iraq war is based on lies, and the truth is that the official story of what happened on 9-11 is false, aka, a BIG LIE. 

Thanking you in advance for granting my request. 

Truth saves innocent lives. 


Austin, TX 

* * * 

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