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 "It is the job of thinking people,
 not to be on the side of the executioners" -- Albert Camus

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Who Will Execute the Executioners?

Saddam’s Lynching and the American Holocaust 

Who will execute the executioners? 

The lynching of Saddam Hussein was a calculated incitement to genocide. Conducting this atrocity on the Great Feast, Islam’s most sacred holiday, was an abomination beyond the imagination of de Sade. The Great Feast is a time to pardon people, to make amends, to show mercy and kindness. Whoever is responsible for this unspeakable spectacle is attempting to incite the murder of millions.  

Who will execute the executioners? 

Saddam Hussein had no more blood on his hands than any of the eleven US presidents who have served since World War Two. These presidents have presided over what William Blum in Killing Hope aptly calls “the American Holocaust.” More than three million people have been killed, and tens of millions more have had their lives destroyed, in the dozens of military and CIA “interventions” that amount to an ongoing war against the people of the world. For the most part the American people have been kept in the dark about these escalating atrocities, which they would never have allowed if their democracy had not been secretly overthrown. It is time to end the National Security State and its Holocaust, and restore American democracy. If we do not, we are no better than the Nazi collaborators who have been called “Hitler’s willing executioners.” 

Who will execute the executioners? 

Now, as the last pretenses of Constitutionality are being swept aside by the Cheney junta, we are in a situation far more urgent than that faced by the German people in the mid-1930s. A world war and genocide are on our horizon that will eclipse those of the 1940s. We must kill the fascist monster before it escapes the nest. 

Who will execute the executioners? 

I call on my brothers and sisters in the US military and police forces, who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to uphold their oaths immediately by removing their war criminal commanders from power by any means necessary, in the interests of reinstating Constitutional governance, abolishing the IMF-NWO corporate-governed “American” empire, and restoring the American Republic. 

* * * 

Posthumous Secrets & Truths 

Layla Anwar


An Arab Woman Blues - January 4, 2007 

Funny thing Death. It has this amazing power to bring out to the surface long buried secrets and truths with this cunning ability to unmask. As if Death and Reality are flip sides of the same coin. 

I do not wish this to be a metaphysical contemplation. I believe we have ample opportunities for pondering on the existential meaning of Life and Death since this latter is so readily available in Iraq. Actually working overtime. I wonder if It ever takes a break or a holiday. You know like some short vacation at least. Seems not. 

Since this is our/my reality - so be it. 

On the subject of Death : My good friend K - who is not Arab, nor an Iraqi ,nor a Muslim said: 

" Layla , I do not know what is wrong with me. I cannot erase the picture of Saddam from my mind. I do not want to overwhelm you, I know you already have enough on your plate. But is this normal? It is like something in me has been ripped apart. I can't even look at the news anymore..." 

Other Anonymous individuals offered their condolences. I guess they secretly wanted to share their grief. 

Some on the other hand, sent me emails calling me Saddam's whore, a fascist, a baathist ..etc... 

And another person wrote to me wishing me a " Happy New Dawn". He argued that now a "new beginning" was possible for Iraq. This person whom I regarded highly, is an avid anti-war activist. 

He did apologize later for the blunder but I thought it was worth mentioning because Truth has this sneaky way of always resurfacing. One simply cannot hide from it.

Speaking of the anti-war movement (see Gabriele Zamparini's excellent article) - the term sounds rather anachronistic. However,I can't seem to find another appropriate one for the moment. It will come in due time... 

A good deal of the reactions I have witnessed from the above lot were very similar to what I witnessed on the lynching video that has been circulating. 

Hooded men jumping and dancing around a dead corpse. 

So is this what it amounts to in the end? 

With this fascistic predisposition, America will be staying in Iraq for decades. 

The anti war movement can go and bury itself alive. They will be doing the Iraqi people a great favor by doing so. 

As for the "experts " on the Middle East, the Arabic speaking ones, they have shown their disgraceful face . Not that they were graced before, but as I said, Death has this cunning ability of revealing hideous traits and enhancing them. Have a look around the blogs and you will see for yourself. Some nearly orgasmed at the Execution. 

When it comes to Human rights organizations, they are nothing but pitiful. 

Was just watching an hour long program, an interview with the "head" of Amnesty International. Not one word mentioned about the human rights abuses in Guantanamo, not one word on the lynching of the late President Saddam Hussein, not one word on the illegal American occupation of Iraq. I will not even bother citing the other agencies. Variations on the same theme. 

What can I say about the executioners? They will be featuring in another gruesome video soon- at dawn again. The first one was to celebrate the first day of the muslim Feast and the second one to celebrate it's ending. 

When I look at them, I try very hard to put my disgust aside and I keep imagining in a cold rational way what exactly happened. 

How they deliberately kept Saddam awake a few hours before his execution and would not let him sleep. They would show him the rope every 3o min. How they refused to even let him smoke his final cigarette. How they taunted a man about to die with insults just before he is to be hanged. How they mutilated the face of a dead man and bruised it after his death . How they danced and sang later around the cadaver. My only relief is that they did not engage in some cannibalistic, necrophiliac orgy. 

Then they probably went home and drank some halal whiskey , burped and fell asleep. A bit like the anti war movement really. 

The irony is that despite all this morbid charade, Saddam outwitted them. He died as a very dignified person and they appeared as the sadistic criminals that they are. Too cowardly to drive home , a military American helicopter took them back to the Green Zone. 

As for the American Zionists who planned the timing , they now claim that they tried to delay it. Catching up on saving some face, the little they have left, if at all. Still trying hard to show how humane they are. Politically correct oblige. 

And what does the anti war movement do ? It applauds. And what do the so called fake "arab" 2 cents worth "intellectuals" do? They applaud even harder.  

And who joined the applause apart from America and the valiant "left"? Israel and Iran.

Curiously, after I finished writing my post " And the Crows sang at Dawn", I received a mail from a friend, out of the blue and by total "coincidence" entitled "the Jewish Calendar in Action." 

And this what the e.mail said: 

" Today the 10th of Tevet (31st of December- one day after the Death of Saddam Hussein) is a day of fasting , commemorating the siege of Jerusalem by the despot Nebuchadnezzar of whom Saddam claimed to be the reincarnation...and other more secular Jews commemorate this day as a remembrance for the loss of their loved ones during the Holocaust..." 

Again, curiously enough the 10th of Tevet coincided with the Iranian Shi'ias celebration of Eid al Adha and the West's celebration of New Year's Eve. 

A Diabolical timing indeed. 

Some of you may get offended that I am lumping IT all together . Americans, Zionists Jews, Sectarian Iranian Shia's and the anti war "left". Am glad, because this is exactly what I am doing. 

Those of you-whomsoever you are- you have not faced Death face to face or by proxy, and you, who can easily sit and plan, connive, strategize, theorize, analyze, calculate, council, orate or satirize in grave moments of history. In moments when hundreds are dying daily, where life is a thing of the past, when a sovereign country is being raped along with its people ...deserve nothing less than to be lumped together as a fascistic, sadistic, racist, ignorant, despicable, evil lot. 

What you fail to understand and probably will never understand, being the limited people that you are is that Saddam's Death has ultimately nothing to do with the politician or the persona. 

Grieving Saddam is grieving a concept, a symbol, a wish, a hope, a vision, a sense of belonging... But since you are so limited in your understanding of anything that goes beyond facts and figures, there is absolutely no point explaining it to you. 

I leave you now in your tedious hypocrisy, in your boring ignorance and in your bigoted visions. But before I sign off , I have another secret to share with you. Do keep it hush hush and don't bother googling it because you won't find it on the web (your ultimate academic reference!). 

Bremmer, the suave gangster Bremmer asked one of his assistants before he left office in Baghdad: 

"How many are the Iraqis today?" the Assistant replied:" Around 24 million." 

"Too much" he replied " WE shall bring it down to 5 million." 

And you lot are helping him in this. 

Now let me go and throw up as I am feeling politically nauseating. 

Good night. 


From the horse’s mouth:

Confirming the fears of upcoming holocaust 


Published: January 03, 2007 

When I wrote the article “Arab Holocaust in the making” in 2002 and “21st Century Jews” in January 2004, many people thought this is an exaggerated version of Muslims' out of context and irrational fears. Some made a mockery of the expressed concerns along with rejecting the visible signs of the road we are treading towards Muslim holocaust. 

Chris Hedges wrote an article America's holy warriors on December 31, 2006. The intro of the article reads as follows: 

The drive by the Christian right to take control of military chaplaincies, which now sees radical Christians holding roughly 50 percent of chaplaincy appointments in the armed services and service academies, is part of a much larger effort to politicize the military and law enforcement. This effort signals the final and perhaps most deadly stage in the long campaign by the radical Christian right to dismantle America's open society and build a theocratic state. A successful politicization of the military would signal the end of our democracy. 

During the past two years I traveled across the country to research and write the book "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America." I repeatedly listened to radical preachers attack as corrupt and godless most American institutions, from federal agencies that provide housing and social welfare to public schools and the media. But there were two institutions that never came under attack -- the military and law enforcement. While these preachers had no interest in communicating with local leaders of other faiths, or those in the community who did not subscribe to their call for a radical Christian state, they assiduously courted and flattered the military and police. They held special services and appreciation days for all four branches of the armed services and for various law enforcement agencies. They encouraged their young men and women to enlist or to join the police or state troopers. They sought out sympathetic military and police officials to attend church events where these officials were lauded and feted for their Christian probity and patriotism. They painted the war in Iraq not as an occupation but as an apocalyptic battle by Christians against Islam, a religion they regularly branded as "satanic." All this befits a movement whose final aesthetic is violence. It also befits a movement that, in the end, would need the military and police forces to seize power in American society. [complete article

Following are comments of Paul Woodward from War in Context. Please read his comments and note that none of these writers is a Muslim scaremonger, spreading fears among Muslims to incite anti-Americanism and “jihadi” sentiments. These are educated American analysts, seriously discussing and quoting sources from National Security Analysis Department, Johns Hopkins University. This is what Paul Woodward writes: 

Comment from Paul Woodward (January 3, 2007) -- If Chris Hedges' warning sounds hyperbolic, consider this: The extremes to which America might take its war against terrorism, recently became shockingly clear to me. A highly respected national security expert with insider knowledge of Pentagon thinking told me that several senior officers and defense executives have confided the following sentiment to him: "There may come a time when we have to kill millions of Muslims." Not surprisingly, neither is my source willing to name his, nor me mine, but believe me - this is not idle chatter! 

The Israel lobby would have everyone believe that the threat of another holocaust emanates from Iran, yet what should generate more alarm: populist rantings from President Ahmadinejad repeating well-worn anti-Zionist rhetoric, or cold predictions circulating inside the U.S. military that an Islamic holocaust may become necessary

Update -- I can now reveal my source: In a soon-to-be-published essay (and quoted here with the author's permission), Dr. Michael Vlahos (Senior Staff, National Security Analysis Department, Johns Hopkins University) writes: Hope this is good enough to wake up those who still prefer to live in denial. 

Hope this much is sufficient to wake up those who are still living in denial of fascism in the 21st century.  The above statements are mere leaks to prepare the public mind for the impending Muslim holocaust. This is similar to years of reports and analysis in the newspapers and electronic media about a war on Iraq. So when the final war does take place, it is not something new for the public. 

Religious Leaders Outreach Program MUJCA-NET can help arrange for a 9/11 Truth outreach person to speak to a priest, imam, rabbi or minister in your area. We can also help arrange for a speaker to visit your church, synagogue or mosque and/or meet with members of your religious group (all religions welcome). We can also provide 9/11-related educational materials as finances permit. Click here for more information Media Interview Requests MUJCA-NET may be able to arrange media interviews with, and guest appearances by, its founders, endorsers, and supporters in your area. It's an amazing story--Jews, Christians and Muslims uniting to fight for 9/11 truth and put an end to the bogus "war on terror" along with the escalating violence between the Abrahamic faiths. Click here for more information.
Eminent Theologian David Griffin Sparks 9/11 Truth Groundswell David Griffin, one of America's most eloquent and influential theologians, has summed up the overwhelming evidence for US government 9/11 complicity in in his bestseller The New Pearl Harbor. (Read Marc Estrin's review.) (Listen to Pacifica radio interview.) Dr. Griffin's follow-up book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, demolishes the last shreds of doubt that 9/11 was an inside job, and the official story a transparent cover-up. Day of Prayer for 9/11 Truth Jews, Christians and Muslims from around the world are uniting to pray for 9/11 truth every Friday afternoon. (Muslim congregational prayer occurs shortly after noon on Fridays.) Muslims are asking God to end the nazi-style persecution aimed at them, and related political violence perpetrated by all sides, by helping reveal the the truth about what happened on 9/11. All are invited to join. Click here to find out how.
Please Support MUJCA-NET MUJCA-NET needs your support. We are a non-profit organization and the scale of our activities depends entirely on your generosity. We would like to get copies of David Griffin's two 9/11 books (see above) into the hands of every religious leader in America. And we would like to push 9/11 truth onto the front pages of every newspaper in America. But we can't do it without your help. If you would like to donate to MUJCA-NET, click here. Book-in-Progress: The Myth of 9/11 MUJCA-NET co-founder Kevin Barrett is writing a book entitled The Myth of 9/11: An American Muslim Speaks Out. Dr. Barrett, an Arabist specializing in the analysis of myth, literature and folklore, argues that the official story of 9/11 is a myth, both in the popular sense of an untrue story, and the scholarly sense of a founding narrative legitimizing a particular social order. Preview and comment on The Myth of 9/11.


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