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"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" (Exodus 16).  "So Then, Putting Away Falsehood, Let All of Us Speak the Truth to our Neighbors, for We Are All Members of One Another." (Ephesians 4:25), "They Try to Deceive Allah and Those Who Believe, But They Only Deceive Themselves, and Realize it Not." (Qur'aan 2:9)

"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning" – Albert Einstein

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The following is a developing list of MUJCA contacts, city-by-city, country-by-country, who can help arrange for a speaker or video-shower to visit local houses of worship, universities, and other venues for 9-11 truth and dialogue.


Boston, Massachusetts:  Rich McCampbell : 617.475.3054

Columbus, OH:  Sherry Clark:

Florida:  Samm Simpson:

Greensboro, NC:  Arden Kirkman:  336-691-7362

Hawaii:  Lisa-Katherine:

Madison, WI: Kevin Barrett:

Maryland:  Aaron Bolinger: 814-678-3807

Montanna:  Dave Lindgren:

New York:  Aaron Mannino:

Pennsylvania:  Aaron Bolinger: 814-678-3807

Portland, OR:  Russell Hallberg: 503-317-2129

San Francisco Bay Area: Carol Brouillet:

Southeastern Wisconsin: Tom Spellman:


Perth:  Amber Haque:



London:  Noel Glynn:

Scotland:  Keith Mothersson:
2b Darnhall Crescent, Perth;  PH2 0HH; 01738 783677


Ontario:  Mohammed Halabi :


Consuelo Luz:




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