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9/11 Political Prisoner Michael Cook's Medication Hearing Set for July 3rd 

Mike Cook is a nice guy who has been going through an ordeal that would boggle the imaginations of Orwell and Kafka. Please consider showing up in Covington, KY July 3rd for the medication hearing. The more folks who show up, the more obvious it is that Mike isn't the only one who holds these views. If even a small fraction of the 100 million Americans who think 9/11 was an inside job descended on Covington, we might get some very interesting major media coverage. (The corporate media likes to report 9/11 stories that include a "truthers are crazy" angle, and this is one that might be too tempting for them to resist, but could easily backfire on them.) 

-Kevin Barrett 

Email from Karl Pavloff: 

Michael Cook's court hearing on whether the government can forcibly medicate Mike with antipsychotics (because he thinks '9/11 was an inside job') is coming up on July 3 in Covington, KY. I plan on taking off work that day to stand outside of the courthouse holding a 9/11 Truth sign and handing out flyers and dvds. You are all welcome to join me if you can. The more 9/11 Truth presence the better. I have been in email contact with Alfons from Veterans For 9/11 Truth (www.v911t.org) and he is also trying to get people to appear outside of the courthouse on July 3. 

Here's the latest news on Mike's case: (also posted on www.911blogger.com)

A friend of mine here in the Cincinnati area was sent (involuntarily) to a psychiatric ward because he believes 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! After that he was arrested for possession of firearms (he had previously owned) which is illegal if you have been sent to a psychiatric ward. A CATCH-22. So Michael has been in prison from November 2006 and there he remains. The psychologists and psychriatrists at the Federal Medical Center where he is being held want to force Michael to take antipsychotic drugs for his 'views' and in order to stand trial. Problem is... Mike Cook is NOT mentally ill. He is being railroaded to prison based on judicial ignorance and incompetence. 

You can read about Michael's ordeal at: http://freedomisforeverybody.blogspot.com/2007/02/fwd-re-back-to-jail.html Also, you can follow Mike Cook's story at www.v911t.org and www.mujca.com

The memorandum below was filed by Michael Cook's attorney on May 14, 2007. Michael is scheduled for a hearing on July 3, 2007 at 9:30 in the United States District Court Eastern District Of Kentucky. Michael will be present at the Kentucky hearing via video conferencing from his detention facility in Butner, North Carolina FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER!!! 



The Government has moved the Court to order the involuntary administration of antipsychotic medications to Michael Cook in an attempt to restore him to competency to stand trial. The record does not include any allegation that Michael is a danger to himself or others. To the contrary, the April 16, 2007 report provide to the Court by Drs. Cochrane and Herbal states that Michael resided in an open mental health unit, quickly adjusted to the routine, was never observed becoming confused or disoriented, was behaviorally stable, never exhibited any bizarre or disruptive behavior, did not violate any institutional rules, was never observed responding to internal stimuli (i.e. hallucinations), was routinely observed reading, socializing with his peers, and engaging in activities on the unit without incident. (April 26, 2007 Report of Drs. Cochrane and Herbal, page 4, 1st full paragraph). Michael simply maintains a view of certain historical events that is different from the majority of people. However, there are many books, articles, internet sites, DVD's, CDs, and movies that appear to indicate that Michael is not the only person that maintains this particular view. Other than this particular viewpoint, there does not appear to be any evidence of record that Michael is suffering from a mental illness. 

The indictment in this matter alleges the mere possession of certain firearms. The types of firearms set forth in the indictment are the type normally possessed by individuals for sporting and collecting purposes. There are no allegations of any use of the firearms by Michael. The issue in this case is whether Michael should be forced to take medication against his will solely in an attempt to restore him competency to stand trial. 

Michael Cook, through counsel respectfully requests the Court to deny the Government's Motion. Alternatively, an evidentiary hearing to address the the factors established in Sell v. United States, 539 U.S. 166, 179 (2003) is requested.


If you know of anyone you know who may be able to help Mike Cook from being forcibly medicated and kept in a Federal Medical Center for another six months or much longer please contact me via email at: Cincy911Truth@hotmail.com 


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" Edward R. Murrow 

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