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The Neocon Peril Within the U.S. Military



David Antoon: Evangelical Crusaders in Air Force “A Cancer From Within” 

Professor Shadia Drury, leading academic expert on the neocons (find my 10/9/07 interview with her here) has pointed out that Strauss and the neocons are working on a long-term plan to turn the USA into a one-religion fascist state. And even though Strauss, like most leading neocons, was an ethnic Jew, he thought the future American state religion would have to be evangelical Christianity.  That’s why, in the wake of the 9/11 neocon coup d’état, radical evangelical crusaders are taking over the neocon fascists’ militaries both public (traditional armed forces) and private (Blackwater). They are planning to unleash one-religion fascism on the US population in the wake of the next 9/11-style event—read the American Conservative article detailing Cheney’s “nuke the US as an excuse to nuke Iran” plan: 

Those of us who support religious freedom in America need to wake up to the neocon peril, and resist the transformation of the US Armed Forces into a gang of radical evangelical crusaders. A good place to start is Mikey Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation:

My very lively 7/13/07 interview with Mikey Weinstein is available in the GCN archives: 

-Kevin Barrett

Posted on Nov 7, 2007

The Cancer From Within

By David Antoon

“I no longer recognize the Air Force Academy as the institution I attended almost four decades earlier.  At that point, I had no idea how invasive this extreme evangelical ‘cancer’ had become throughout the entire military, that what I had witnessed was far from an isolated case of a few religious zealots.”

Full article at: 

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