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(For some inspiring examples, see http://www.911truthsquads.org

Great opportunity!  Easy and fun to do!  Here’s how: 

1. Choose one or more campaigns you’d like to influence. 

Parties:  Constitutional:  14,48   Democratic: 4,9,10,12,13,18,19,29,33,36,40     Green: 3,7,33,34,35,43,46

Independent: 1,2,5,6,20,27,30,32,39,44     Libertarian: 22,25,26,28,38,42,45 

Republican: 6,8,15,16,17,21,23,24,31,37,41,47,49,50

1.    Steve Adams (SA) (ind) http://www.presidentadams.com/

2.    Donald Allen (DA) (ind) http://donaldkallenforpresident.com/

3.    Alan Augustson (AA) (grn) http://augustson2008.us/

4.    Joe Biden (JBi) (dem) http://www.joebiden.com/home/

5.    John Bowles (JBo) (ind/nsm/kkk) http://www.bowlesforpresident.com/

6.    Mike Bloomberg (MB) (ind/rep) (potential) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg

7.    Elaine Brown (EB) (grn) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Brown

8.    Sam Brownback (SB) (rep) http://www.brownback.com/s/

9.    Wesley Clark (WC) (dem) (potential) http://securingamerica.com/splashpage/

10.Hillary Clinton (HC) (dem) http://www.hillaryclinton.com/?splash=1

11.John Cox (JC) (rep) http://www.cox2008.com/cox/

12.Christopher Dodd (D) (dem) http://www.chrisdodd.com/home

13.John Edwards (E) (dem) http://johnedwards.com/splash/

14.James Gilchrist (JaG) (const) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Gilchrist

15.Jim Gilmore (JiG) (rep) http://www.gilmoreforpresident.com/

16.Newt Gingrich (NG) (rep) (potential) http://newt.org/

17.Rudy Giuliani (RG) (rep)  http://www.joinrudy2008.com/

18.Al Gore (AG) (dem) (potential) http://www.algore.org/

19.Mike Gravel (MG) (dem) http://www.gravel2008.us/

20.Dustin Gray (DG) (ind) (no site found)

21.Chuck Hagel (CH) (rep) (potential) http://www.sandhillspac.com/

22.Barry Hess (BH) (lib) (potential) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Hess

23.Mike Huckabee (MH) (rep) http://www.explorehuckabee.com/

24.Duncan Hunter (DH) (rep) http://www.gohunter08.com/

25.Bob Jackson (BJ) (lib) http://bobjackson.org/default.aspx

26.Mike Jingosian (MJ) (lib) http://www.resetamerica.com/

27.David Koch (DaK) (ind) http://www.dave08.com/

28.Steve Kubby (SK) (lib) http://www.kubby2008.com/

29.Dennis Kucinich (DeK) (dem)  http://kucinich.us/   http://denniskucinich.meetup.com/

30.David Masters (DM) (ind) (potential) http://www.mastersin08.com/

31.John McCain (JoM) (rep) http://www.johnmccain.com/

32.James McCall (JaM) (ind) http://www.callonmccall.com/

33.Cynthia McKinney (CM) (grn/dem) (potential) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynthia_McKinney

34.Kent Mesplay (KM) (grn) http://www.mesplay.org/

35.Ralph Nader (N) (grn) (potential) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Nader

36.Barack Obama (O) (dem) http://www.barackobama.com/

37.Ron Paul (RP) (rep) http://www.ronpaul2008.com/

38.George Phillies (GP) (lib) http://phillies2008.org/

39.Francis Playfair (FP) (ind) (potential) http://www.myspace.com/playfair_2008

40.Bill Richardson (BR) (dem) http://www.richardsonforpresident.com/

41.Mitt Romney (MR) (rep) http://www.mittromney.com

42.Wayne Root (WR) (lib) http://www.millionairerepublican.com/

43.Rebecca Rotzler (RR) (grn) (potential) http://www.rotzler4prez.com/

44.Jeff Shapiro (JS) (ind) (potential) (no site found)

45.Christine Smith (CS) (lib) http://www.christinesmithforpresident.com/

46.Kat Swift (KS) (grn) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kat_Swift

47.Tom Tancredo (TTa) (rep) http://www.teamtancredo.com/

48.Dale Thompson (DT) (const) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Thompson

49.Fred Thompson (FT) (rep) (potential) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Thompson

50.Tommy Thompson (TTh) (rep) http://www.tommy2008.com/Home.aspx  

2. Here are sample directions for a few candidates.  Watch out for some bizarre policies! 

AA (grn) On the site, look on the left for “quick polls”, click & answer. Then click on “Contact” and give detailed comments.

SB (rep): On site, click “contact” and leave message. 

HC (dem):  Click on “Sign Petition” (for credibility). Go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com/join/?sc=2  Sign up, check “Blog” at the top and “Other” at the bottom. Write in “911truth”. Then submit. Send “message of support”, submit. Blog thereafter. 

E (dem): Click “contact us” for quick message, then click “sign up”, fill in & blog thereafter. 

RG (rep): Click on “Call Talk Radio”, then your home state, then shows. Get phone #s & call!  Click on “Why Rudy?” above, fill in with (false?) name, etc., leave message about 911truth, first responders, etc. with links to YouTube, or just links w/o message!  Also click “Get Involved”, fill in, click “Talk to neighbors”, etc. 

DaK (ind): Click on “contact” at top for quick message, then register and use “forum” thereafter. 

DeK (dem): Go to 2nd site (or to 1st, scroll & click on “meetups”). Look under    “Popular Meetups”.  At bottom click on “911 Questions”.  Put in your zip and click. Fill in & blog! 

O (dem):  See blue box “My.BarackObama.com”. Click on “Profile” and fill in.  Go back to home page, click on “Supporters”,  “Network” and “Blog”, writing about 911truth. This will give you ongoing access to blog about 911!  

RP (rep):  Click on “Spread the word” to leave instant message. Then click on “Get Involved” so that you may blog. Go to Meetup site and input your zip, find local RP supporters to potentially talk with them directly at their meetings about 911. 

GP (lib): Go to lower right box on most any page, click on “Feedback or questions”. Praise him for putting the word “truth” at the top of his home page, then ask what he’s doing to expose 911truth. 

MR (rep): (He has raised more $ than anyone else. Watch out!) Write info@mittromney.com 

RR (grn): Click on DemoChoice Poll, vote for Cynthia McKinney #1 (since she has exposed 911truth more than any other listed), then under “Pages” click “contact”.   

3. Having explored some candidates’ sites, provide them links to 911truth sites, per online discussions. Follow your chosen campaigns 2-3x/week, submitting information, articles and videos. Report progress to your local 911truth group and www.911truthla.us !

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