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Here's Looking At You Jessica

by Kevin Barrett

My Moroccan hunt for alleged 9/11 suicide terrorist Waleed al-Shehri, who has been reliably reported alive and well in Casablanca, was recently interrupted by an urgent telegram from Libertarian instigator and Galileo fan Rolf Lindgren: MCBRIDE FIRED STOP WISCONSIN LIBERATED STOP YOU CAN NOW RETURN SAFELY

A wistful faraway look crept across my face as I turned to my piano player.  "Well, Sham, I guesh this is it. Waleed has disappeared to Malta with the falcon. And McBride's reign of terror is over." Raising my glass of mint tea, I gazed with mixed emotions at the portrait hanging beside Sam's piano--the portrait of a beautiful blonde who betrayed me--and proposed a
toast: "Here's looking at you but not hearing you, Jessica."

* * *

Okay, I admit it -- I lied. It wasn't a telegram from Rolf, it was an email. Rolf wanted me to post something about l'affaire McBride. It seems that Jessica has been fired from her job as a conservative talk show host for making some offensive remarks on the radio.

Ironically, less than a year ago it was Jessica McBride who wanted ME fired for making allegedly offensive remarks on the radio--on her very show no less. Here is Rolf's summary:

"Although Jessica McBride doesn't believe in conspiracies, she obviously cooked up a plot with Steve Nass and Fox News to make Kevin Barrett a star.  She invited Kevin onto her show last June and made sure Nass and Fox News were listening. Nass most likely had his press release, calling for Barrett to be fired and comparing him to Ward Churchill, written before
Barrett even opened his mouth. The rest is history. Kevin Barrett is no Ward Churchill. The 9/11 Truth Movement owes a big 'Thank you' to Jessica."

Thanks, Rolf. And yes, thank YOU too, Jessica.

Funny how ever since Jessica McBride went off on me I have been pointing out that if expressing outrageous opinions on the radio is enough to get you fired, Jessica McBride should have been given the boot a long time ago.  Now what goes around seems to have finally come around. I kept my job, despite all the howls of insane outrage from McBride, Hannity, O'Reilly,
Steve Nass, and Mark Green, and the whimpers of inane disapproval from Governor Doyle...and now it is Jessica who's looking through the want ads.

I have come to bury Jessica, not to insult her. So I won't go into how I responded to her calling me "Wisconsin's Ward Churchill" and worse by dubbing her McBride of Frankenstein and suggesting that she must be Ann Coulter's evil twin.

Irony upon irony: I am now over-employed as--of all things--a conservative talk show host. While Jessica mourns the loss of her lousy little local gig with the moron-manipulating monopolists at the Journal-Sentinel cartel's sorry little flagship WTMJ, I have three different shows on three national networks: Genesis Communications, Republic Broadcasting, and We the People
Radio Network.

Hey Jessica--want to be a guest on one of my shows? We can argue about who are the real conservatives--limited-government advocates like Ron Paul, or the neo-nazis who seized power in the 9/11 coup d'etat and proceeded to spend this nation into moral as well as financial bankruptcy.

This is your one chance to be on the radio, Jessica. Better take advantage of it. Take it from me: You never know how your life might suddenly change for the better, just for accepting an invitation from a conservative talk show host.

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