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The Dream Solution and Possible Scenario!



In the article excerpted below, Lech Biegalski discusses the likely scenario by which the 9/11 criminals, the neocons, may institute martial law in the USA. His strategies for resistance are compelling. 

We should be getting 9/11 truth DVDs from into the hands of patriotic military and police officers NOW! 

-Kevin Barrett 

Polish Solidarity Leader Lech Biegalski: USA Needs A “Coup de Constitution”  

Full article: 

...Given the gravity of the situation, there is only one way out of this mess. The solution must come from within the United States and it must come from within the United States Army. I strongly believe that there are many decent people among the officers of the U.S. Army, including many of the the active field generals. In my dream solution, these generals establish a secret military organization with the aim of saving the world and saving America. In my dream, secret preparations are being made and secret plans drawn to take over the situation and to restore law and order in the United States. In my dream, the minute Bush and Cheney give an order to implement the Martial Law against the Nation, the United States Army will overthrow the government, arrest the real criminals and the elites behind them, nationalize our resources, markets, and banks, restore international justice, and appeal to the world for moral and political support. People who are guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the Constitution, will be tried and severely punished to discourage anyone from ever following in their footsteps. This is the only way the damage can be repaired and we only have one chance at it. If we miss it, the world will submerge into dark ages, maybe forever. 

After a few years of martial law, normalization of the political landscape, and reorganization of the economy, the Military Government will lead the way to democratic elections, and will consequently pass the authority to the newly elected civilian government. 

Just imagine the reaction of the world, if my dream solution were to come true. All damage done to America and America's global leadership would be repaired in one week. People would support the Army. People across the world would support America. Nobody inside or outside the United States would challenge the leaders of the Second American Revolution. The solution is simple and it is realistic, it is possible. The American Army is the only power in the world that can restore law and order in the United States. It has the capability and the patriotic duty to do so. Will it? We will see. In the past, some of my dreams did come true. 

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