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Kevin Barrett Accepts John Ashcroft “Waterboard Me!” Invitation

Madison, WI  11/29/07 

Dr. Kevin Barrett, coordinator of and radio talk-show host, has issued a formal statement of acceptance of John Ashcroft’s offer to be waterboarded

“Under normal circumstances, the thought of intentionally inflicting great suffering on a fellow human being is repugnant to me. But for you, John Ashcroft, I am willing to make an exception,” Barrett stated. 

Barrett explained that Ashcroft, as a supporter of torture, has every right to experience the pain he advocates inflicting on others. “It’s a free country—or at least it was until this guy became Attorney General. If he really, truly wants to be waterboarded, I think we should help him get his wish.” 

Barrett announced that while waterboarding Ashcroft, he would ask the following questions: 

“So John...who warned you to stop taking commercial airliners on or about July 26th, 2001?” 


“Don’t want to answer that one, eh? Okay, then...when high-ranking Republican attorney David Schippers approached you in August, 2001 with evidence from FBI agents who knew that the World Trade Center would be attacked on September 11th—and who had been told to shut up and threatened by their superiors—why did you refuse to speak to him?” (details here


“Cat got your tongue, John? Okay, here’s one more question: Why did you write that HORRIBLE song ‘make the eagle sore, like it’s never been sore before’ ? Do you fantasize about sodomizing the American national symbol the way you’ve sodomized our Constitution?” 


In response to a protest from Amnesty International, Barrett stated that in the post-9/11 world, it is sometimes necessary to apply harsh treatment to terrorist suspects, and that Ashcroft himself has indicated his willingness to submit to any interrogation technique short of murder : “The things that I can survive, if it were necessary to do them to me, I would do,” Ashcroft stated

Barrett’s reply: “Hey John, guess what—it IS necessary. As a leading suspect in the crimes of September 11th, 2001, you clearly deserve to get your wish and be waterboarded to your heart’s content.” 

As of press time, Barrett had not yet received Ashcroft’s response to the offer, and was not holding his breath.

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