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Letter from Ground Zero: Emotional Intelligence and 9/11 Truth

Hi All, 

I just got back from a rip-roaring, mind-boggling 9/11 truth weekend in New York. The overflow crowd at Coopers Union Sunday witnessed a  fantastic event: a great lineup of speakers in the afternoon, followed by an evening of Alex Jones, a preview of new Loose Change footage, and an electrifying show by Immortal Technique,  the hip-hop voice of the 9/11 truth revolution : http://www.immortal-technique.com/  A big shout-out of thanks to the Loose Change crew, Les and his posse at ny911truth, and everybody else who helped organize this astounding weekend of truth. Brilliantly done! 

Sunday's event at Ground Zero was perfectly conceived and organized by Dylan, Korey, Jason and friends. On past anniversaries, sensible 9/11 truth-seekers had shied away from demonstrating at Ground Zero out of respect for the victims' families, leaving the field wide open for bozos and disinfo spreaders to act like jerks, provoke media coverage, and give 9/11 truth lots of bad press. This time,  hundreds of people showed up in black INVESTIGATE 9/11 T-shirts, gave away thousands of DVDs, had civil conversations with the general public, and conducted an impressive silent procession of mourning for the victims AND the truth. (Some bozos were there too, but they were vastly outnumbered by the sensible activists.) 

I found myself deeply moved by the experience. I love New York and have spent a fair amount of time there, but hadn't visited since late 1992/early1993, when I met my future wife in NYC and got to know her in the PATH train station directly beneath the World Trade Center. (I was staying in New York, she was staying in New Jersey, so we would rendezvous beneath the WTC, as if it were neutral ground between the Montagues of New York and the Capulets of New Jersey, or from another perspective between the Montagues of the West and the Capulets of the Islamic world from which she hails...)  After a week of this, I returned to San Francisco...we decided we wanted to be together so she flew from NY to SF to marry me...and BOOM the first World Trade Center bombing shook what had been our falling-in-love nest. I felt a bit like Slothrop in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, whose tryst locations all  "coincidentally" get hit by German V-2 rockets. But Slothropsís trysts were brief affairs, while this was the tryst of my life. 

So making the pilgrimage to Ground Zero, and looking at that enormous bomb crater where the Towers had stood, and where I had gotten to know my wife just a few weeks before the first WTC bombing, kindled all kinds of sublime emotional associations. Gazing on the bomb crater (for that is what it is, indirectly--the crater is there because of bombs, not planes) I experienced a heart-shattering moment of which no more can be said.  

That gigantic bomb crater at Ground Zero is a kind of Tell-Tale Heart for the Bush Administration and its criminal allies who blew the WTC to kingdom come, and then lied through their teeth about it, and about everything else, and have been lying nonstop ever since. In the Poe story "The Tell-Tale Heart" the narrator, who has murdered a man and hidden the body beneath the floorboards, hears the thunderous pounding of what he takes to be his victim's heart during the police interrogation, which leads him to confess his crime, tear up the floorboards, and show the detective the body. In fact, the heartbeat he hears is presumably his own, pounding ever-more powerfully due to the stress of having to lie. 

9/11 insurance-fraudster Larry Silverstein, like the Poe narrator, was apparently confounded by the noise of his own lying heartbeat when he confessed on national TV to making "a decision to pull (WTC-7)...and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse."  Silverstein's inability to get anything built on the site during the past five years, leaving a gigantic bomb crater screaming silently to the world that the WTC was destroyed by bombs, not by planes, is another, far more eloquent confession. To borrow a phrase from the Loose Change logo, Larry's bomb crater is "louder than words." Perhaps the best possible memorial would be to leave the site exactly the way it is, and hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Larry Silverstein Memorial Bomb Crater. 

What I'm getting at here is that there is an "emotional intelligence" side to 9/11 truth as well as a scientific side. To cope with this unprecedented situation, we need  both hemispheres of our brains. Traveling to New York with Jim Fetzer, the brilliant philosopher and masterful logic-chopper heading Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I occasionally felt like he was playing the role of left hemisphere, while I played the role of the right, and that our two brains were working together as a sort of mega-mind. Certainly Jim and I have been on a roll since Jim moved to Madison at the exact same time that Steve Nass decided to make me famous. The current crackdown on academic 9/11 truth-seekers like Steven Jones, Judy Woods, and William Woodward seems destined to backfire even more spectacularly than did Nass's ill-conceived attack on me--and Jim Fetzer and I, working together from that fortress of free thought known as Madison, Wisconsin, will put our heads together and find a way to rally the nation's scholars in support of academic freedom. 

The role of emotional intelligence in 9/11 work, driven home by my experience at Ground Zero, is exemplified by Kyle Hence's brilliant new documentary 911 Press for Truth. Kyle has gotten some flak from 9/11 truth seekers for his reluctance to scream "inside job!" at the top of his lungs--see Michael Morrissey's article. But even those of us who state the "inside job" thesis far more strongly than Kyle does should appreciate the emotional intelligence behind what he is doing. Kyle is speaking the truth, as he sees it, in a way that can and will  be heard. Press for Truth is built around the compelling story of the Jersey Girls, four brave women who will very likely go down in history as heroines to eclipse wimpier role models like Martha Washington and Betsy Ross as patriotic American icons. Bravo to Kyle for telling their story so effectively. Press for Truth is a terrific first DVD for fence-sitters. Give one to every fence-sitter you know, and make sure he or she watches it -- even if you have to tie them up and tape their eyes open a la Clockwork Orange. As Kubrick knew, the film medium appeals more to emotions than reason; more generally, if you want people to see reason, you need to work with emotions too. Just as the Loose Change guys and Rick Siegal of 9/11 Eyewitness did from their particular angles, Kyle Hence and friends have masterfully melded appeals to emotion and reason in 9/11: Press for Truth.

Love to all of you, 

--Kevin Barrett (kevin@mujca.com)

Madison, WI September 12th, 2006

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Letter from Ground Zero: Emotional Intelligence and 9/11 Truth:  2006

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