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"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" (Exodus 16).  "So Then, Putting Away Falsehood, Let All of Us Speak the Truth to our Neighbors, for We Are All Members of One Another." (Ephesians 4:25), "They Try to Deceive Allah and Those Who Believe, But They Only Deceive Themselves, and Realize it Not." (Qur'aan 2:9)

"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning" – Albert Einstein

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"War on Terror"




An Open Letter to the General Assembly

from a new Interfaith initiative, All Faiths For 9/11 Truth

Dear Commissioners and Guests,

We are writing to you – and through you, we formally ask, To  the Presbyteries, Congregations and Churches  that sent you – to invite you to critically examine key elements in the founding Myth of the ‘War on Terror’ – which continues to balloon into a rival civic religion posing ‘evil Other’ against ‘innocent West’.   

We refer to the official story (itself a ‘conspiracy theory’ NB) concerning the Act of Mass Destruction of September 11th, 2001, which within 40 seconds of the South Tower fireball was already blamed on Bin Laden by the same Intelligence-Media complex that told the world lethal lies about Saddam’s WMD. For what will it profit a church – or a nation – to gain formal independence from the (UK or Anglo-American) State if it fails to work through the fears by which we are kept in thrall?    

When forty years ago Enoch Powell told a lurid tale of the widow of Wolverhampton who supposedly had had excrement shoved through her letter box by ‘grinning picanninnies’ – our British-imperial conditioning was such that millions gave this urban folk tale unquestioning credence, albeit no such victim could ever be found. Now, in all seriousness we beg you to consider whether we may not have swallowed another baseless rumour – and whether according it continuing credence doesn’t amount to ….. racism.  

Then the righteous will answer: Lord, when did we practice racism against you? – and the King will reply: For whatever stories you believed about WMD and Arab/Muslim hijackers without checking them out, you believed about me. (Matthew 25, slightly adapted!)  

Please consider the following conclusion from a recent article at: 

Icelandic researcher Elias Davidson: “The US authorities have failed to prove that the 19 individuals accused of the mass murder of 9/11 had boarded the aircraft, which they allegedly used to commit the crime.

·   No authenticated, original, passenger lists, bearing their names, have been released;

·   no one is known to have seen them board the aircraft;

·   no video recordings documented their boarding;

·   no boarding pass stub exists to document their boarding;

·   and their bodily remains have not been positively identified.”     

The supposed phone-calls from the ‘hijacked planes’ have been shown to have been physically impossible. There is evidence only of Arab patsies being positioned to get the blame afterwards – who were ‘good time’ drug-dealers not devout Muslims. Bin Laden always denied involvement – ‘it is not an appreciable act within Islam to kill innocent people’. We have no reason to believe that the subsequent OBL videos are any more real than JFK turning up in the Forest Gump film!  And the BBC reported that several of the men the FBI named as ‘hijackers’ are still alive. 

Mind you, that same revered BBC announced 30 minutes early that World Trade Centre Building 7 had already fallen! Though subsequent-ly airbrushed from mainstream history, the Salomon Brothers Building came down at 5.20 in the afternoon of Sept 11, its 47 stories falling evenly into a neat pile at the speed of air resistance.  

Please dear friends, does this not ring alarm bells for you? Unhit by any plane; only minor damage and localized fires on a few floors; normally steel framed buildings can burn red hot for thirty hours and still stand; the owner admitted a year later that the order had been given to ‘pull it’. And you can’t rig even a small building up for controlled demolition in just a few hours.  

Earlier the North and the South Towers vanished into dust in front of our eyes at the ‘freefall’ speed at which their top floors would have fallen to earth if they had been falling through air and not 109 other floors! (Their height and speed of destruction are not in question, nor the ordinary laws of physics governing falling objects. See: or )  

Perhaps at this point you are feeling uneasy, and are tempted to slide out of this invitation to face difficult facts which we are extending to you: ‘Oh, but I’m not a physicist, nor an expert on architecture and engineering.’  But you don’t need to be an expert, just unafraid, awake and over ten years old, to know that STUFF FALLS FASTER THROUGH AIR THAN THROUGH OTHER STUFF – whether ‘stuff’ in the above sentence refers to apples, books, or steel/concrete floors.  

So how come that we have been spooked out of our native intelligence on this question? All of us tend to give credence to what Authority tells us. When Authority takes the form of loving parents, then this doesn’t much matter. But it becomes a problem as we grow up and we allow what Governments and the Media tell us to over-ride subconsciously registered surprise at e.g. huge buildings falling evenly at freefall speed, or soft aluminium planes cutting through steel and concrete buildings like a knife through butter (butter through a knife?!) with no authentic plane pieces nor parts ever found…. How weird was that?  

Experimenters have seated people in a small room with a table between them and an open window. Under hypnosis the subjects can be told to not see the table, and when they are brought round they don’t mention it when asked to list the furniture. However when asked to close the window, they don’t stumble into the table, they know to walk round that which they (can and) ‘can’t see’! 

In a similar way many of us have been hijacked by unconsciously having swallowed the weird official story of 9/11 which at some level we know doesn’t add up, and yet which we have also been given implicit but very strict instructions around – not to see it, not to talk about it  (like dad’s alcohol-fuelled abuse in dysfunctional families).   

So long as this new anti-Semite-ic bloodlibel is allowed to stand great cruelty and suffering will unfold. How many countries invaded? How many people tortured, or poisoned with ‘Depleted’ Uranium? How many devout Muslims dare not pray in public anymore for fear of attack or being reported to the police as ‘terrorists’? How many curtailments on civil liberties? And how many other ‘false-flag’ operations and ‘terror scares’ have been spawned, so that now ‘the Authorities’ and the ‘Experts’ of the lucrative ‘Security’ industry are telling us that is ‘not a matter of if but when there will be a major terrorist attack in Scotland’? 

We cannot serve God/Allah and Mammon – or the Media. If almost seven years after 9/11 the BBC still won’t retract the false information that aircraft fuel was capable of melting the steel at the World Trade Centre, how can we be sure they are telling us the truth about anything else? And how can sincere members of faith groups recover our bearings and our self-respect unless we begin to aggressively question the official story, do our own research (see Resources) and extend a special hand of friendship to the faith community which has born the brunt of this Islamophobic racist legend?     

Many people who have spoken out have been viciously ridiculed or been stripped of their jobs or supposed ‘credibility’. But in the name of the loving and merciful Source and Ground of all Life, we beg you to be prepared, individually and collectively, to pay the initially costly price of discipleship, the better to allow the Truth to lead us all into the freedom of the children of the One God …..      

With sincere best wishes,

Keith Mothersson (Buddhist rep and Acting Sec);

pp All Faiths for 9/11 Truth

Co-Presidents: Bishop Michael Hare-Duke, Imam Mustaqeem Shah.    



We have produced an 8-page Declaration and Appeal, copies of which we can send you, or read it on or (Muslims, Jews and Christians Alliance for 911 Truth). As an embryonic educational think tank, we can advise on further reading, dvds to study or perhaps select for an informal film evening. Or we can just listen if you feel the need to offload feelings of shock and betrayal. In particular we encourage Christians to read Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 by leading theologian, David Ray Griffin, published by the world’s largest Presbyterian publishing house, Westminster John Knox. Or google 9/11 Myth and Reality for a video of a fine talk he gave.
        There is a huge 911 Truth movement: see for example the website or Important law-suits have been launched. Questions are being asked in Parliaments and state legislatures. Polls show only around one in five Americans still believe the official story.  Please help to persuade your church and your society to publicly demand the full truth comes out, which can then lead to so many other fundamental questions …. 

CONTACT DETAILS: If one way doesn’t get a reply, please keep trying by other means:; 01738 783677 or mob: 07815 653389; 2b Darnhall Cres, Perth PH2 0HH. Donations welcome to ‘Keith Forrester-Paton’ (Acting Sec). 15/2/2008

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